sluguest Wireless Network

On June 7, 2016, ITS will be implementing a new system called Xpressconnect to help guests access WiFi while improving overall security of the sluguest network. 

The sluguest network is an unencrypted wireless network designed to support authorized guests of the University, and faculty/staff/student-owned legacy wireless devices that do not support 802.1X connections. Note: All guest connections must agree to the University's acceptable use policy.

Connecting to sluguest (detailed instructions and related screenshots below)

    1. Select "sluguest" from the list of available wireless networks on your mobile device
    2. You will be directed to:
      • Sometimes individual device settings and pop-up blockers may prevent the device from launching
      • In such cases, open the device's Internet browser manually and enter the URL from above to navigate directly to the page.
      • If you are unable to connect to sluguest, please contact the ITS Customer Service Desk at 314-977-4000
    3. Register with the network using a code, which can be sent to your personal email address or texted to your phone, or by logging in with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google

Customers on the sluguest network must follow these steps on each of their mobile devices that will be accessing the network on campus once per week. Click sluguest FAQs for answers to sluguest Frequently Asked Questions.

Select "sluguest" from the list of available wireless networks on your mobile device.

You will be directed to

Click Start to begin registering with the network.


Select Social Media Login to register with the network using your already established Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google account.

Select Text or E-mail Code to receive a special login code via your personal email address or a text message. Text and data rates with your mobile provider may apply.


If you select Social Media Login, you will be taken to this screen. Select which account you wish to use during the network registration.


If you select Text or E-mail Code, you will be taken to this screen. Enter your email address or telephone number and click Send.

Guests who have been given a code from a registered member of the SLU community can enter it here.


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