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The ITS Project Process, or methodology, provides a consistent framework of principles, practices and deliverables for all efforts that meet the project definition of the ITS division.  The Process Framework is supported by a handbook describing all processes and deliverables and a full set of templates to provide a starting point for project teams at every stage in the process.

Process Templates

ITS provides templates for most of the deliverables defined in the ITS Project Process Framework.  Full descriptions and explanations for all templates in the process are provided in the ITS Project Process Handbook, which should be used in conjunction with these templates.

To view the Project Process Framework Templates, please click here (a valid SLU Google Apps account is required).

Please note: Some process deliverables do not have templates, either because they exist in their entirety inside another deliverable (i.e. 3.2 Project Budget/Spending Plan is inside the 3.1 Project Work Plan,) or because they describe a process in which the team elaborates on a deliverable previously developed in the process (i.e. 4.1 Project Actuals).