Additional Telephone Services

This is a comprehensive list of the types of equipment and/or services that our telecommunications staff offers.

  • Announcement service - Callers are routed to a voice mailbox and hear a message composed by the department using the service. Callers cannot leave a voice message.

  • Auto Attendant - Callers hear a programmed menu and may select options (ex. - '1' for Admissions, '2' for Financial Aid, etc.). Calls are routed according to their selection.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - This system manages a large volume of calls from callers seeking services. The system is programmed to distribute calls from a queue. Callers may be asked to hold for the next available operator/agent/technician. Costs for this service are based on the number of phones equipped to answer such calls.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - This system is the same as that described above. In a managed environment, the supervisor can run reports to reflect the volume and length of calls answered by each staff member. Abandoned calls can also be reported.

  • Emulator for ACD - ITS can provide software to equip a supervisor's PC as display terminal. Among other features, it provides color customization, support, LAN connectivity, special graphics, printing to a local printer, etc.

  • Installation of a new line - ITS services to install a new line include programming at the main telephone switch and programming of the new telephone handset. Additional charges apply if new wiring is required.

  • Reprogramming - Lines must be reprogrammed if the type of handset or instrument is changed. For example, if the line is changed from digital to analog or vice versa, reprogramming is required.

  • Feature add/change - Feature changes include the creation of a call pick-up group, call hunting sequence, and the addition of voicemail.

  • Move - When a line is moved from one location to another or numbers are moved from one phone to another, programming at the main telephone switch and at the new location is necessary. Please DO NOT physically move your phone from one location to another. A telephone services technician needs to do this to ensure that the phone will work properly. Additional charges will apply if new wiring is needed.
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