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Personal Preference Programming

The information below details the additional personal preference programming available to 3903 and 3904 models. (Or, print this PDF of the telephone key descriptions as a quick reference guide.)

To Access The Options Menu press the Options key. Using the up and down navigation keys, move through the options list to find the option you want. Press Select to change, activate or deactivate an option. Press the Done key after you have made your selection and press the Quit key when finished.

Description of available Options:

  • Language - Controls the language on your telephone display

  • Change Feature Key Label - Changes the names for the programmable line/feature keys

  • Screen Contrast - Modifies the view of the text on your display screen

  • Volume Adjustment - Press the Select key to choose the item you wish to adjust:

    • Ringer - Adjusts the volume of the ringer

    • Buzzer - Links two telephones together for quick notification purposes

    • Speaker - Adjusts the speaker volume

    • Handset Listen - Adjusts the volume of what you hear through the handset

    • Handsfree Listen -Adjusts the handsfree speakerphone volume, (if your telephone has handsfree capabilities) 

    • Headset Listen - Adjusts how loud you speak through your headset.

    • Headset Sidetone (3904 headset only) - Adjusts the sound you hear through headset or handset when speaking. (Without this feedback the user may perceive the telephone as not working.)

To Access the Directory/Log press the Directory/Log key. Use the up and down navigation keys to make your selection in the shaded area. Press Select to view your options and proceed accordingly. When finished press Quit.

  • Personal Directory - Allows you to add, copy, edit, delete and search up to 100 entries of names and numbers

  • Call Log (Callers List) - Shows a list of caller ID information for incoming calls

  • Call Log (Redial List)  - Shows telephone numbers of recent outgoing calls

  • Password Administration - Password protects the Personal Directory and Call Logs each time you enter the Directory/Log menu

Other Keys:

  • Shift - Allows you to access the second screen of choices for the Programmable Line/Feature Keys

  • More - Allows you to access the additional programmed features for the Programmable Feature Keys

  • Quit - Ends an active application. This key does not change the status of the calls currently on the telephone.

  • Copy  - Can be used to copy incoming or outgoing call numbers into the Personal Directory.
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