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Tegrity allows faculty to record an entire lecture in a Tegrity-enabled classroom or to record supplementary material outside of class for students to access online at their convenience.

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Tegrity Overview

Tegrity is Lecture Capture software that records the content shown on the computer screen, such as a PowerPoint presentation, along with the instructor's audio. Tegrity captures, stores, and indexes this content online for students to watch at their convenience. Instructors can also allow students to create their own Tegrity recordings for a course that can be visible to the whole class or just the instructor.

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NEWS! Tegrity Update on Tuesday, July 15

Tegrity was upgrade on Tuesday, July 15 with the Summer 2014 Update, which includes some long-awaited features for both instructors and students.

The Summer Update also includes upgrades to the Mac and PC versions of Tegrity Recorder:

  • PC Recorder - Build
  • Mac Recorder - Version 2.0 (1600)

SLU-managed PCs will receive the new Tegrity Recorder on the morning of July 15. Users can upgrade the Recorder on their personal computer simply by creating and uploading a new recording. Click to visit the Tegrity How-To page for more information.

The Tegrity Summer 2014 Update includes the many new features and capabilities, some of which are listed below. Click here to watch the recording "Tegrity 2014 Summer Update Presentation" for a more detailed look at the update.

  • Variable Speed Playback on Mac - New recordings created after July 15 will allow Mac users to playback the recordings at various fast/slow speeds (as PC users can do today). Mac users will be to playback Tegrity recordings at various speeds in Chrome and Safari; Firefox for the Mac does not currently support the feature. Click for more info.

  • Annotations for the Mac - The Mac Recorder will include the ability to annotate over the screen and over whiteboard slides (as PC users can do today). Click for more info.

  • Recording Tags - Instructors and students can create and assign custom tags (labels) to recordings to help organize and group recordings within a course. Click for more info.

  • HTML5 Video playback - New recordings created after July 15 will use the H.264 codec and will play natively using HTML5 in the supported browsers. Click for more info.

  • Copy to multiple courses - Instructors will be able to copy recordings to several courses at the same time.  Click for more info.

  • Enhanced keyboard navigation - To enhance accessibility, keyboard navigation of the Tegrity web pages will be enhanced beyond the current Tab key navigation offered today. Click for more info.

** Disclaimer: Some links above are to Tegrity's official Help site. Not all features shown on Tegrity's site are available in Saint Louis University's license.

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How to Get Started with Tegrity

What is required to create a Tegrity recording?

  • If you are recording in a Tegrity-enabled classroom, the classroom computer and the microphone have already been set up.
  • If you wish to create a recording on your own computer, you will first need to install the Tegrity Recorder.
  • Your computer will also need a microphone connected in order for Tegrity to capture your audio. Any standard headset works great, or you can also use a wireless lavalier microphone or even a room microphone.

How do I get the Tegrity Recorder installed on my computer?

Do I need a Blackboard course in order to create Tegrity recordings?

  • Yes. All Tegrity recordings are associated with a course in Blackboard (or an instructor's private course that exists only in Tegrity). If the Tegrity recordings are for a Banner course, then a corresponding course already exists in Blackboard.
  • If the Tegrity recordings are for a department, program, or organization, you can request a course site in Blackboard with which to associate the recordings. Click here for the non-Banner Blackboard Course Site request form.

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Training and Tutorials

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Support for Tegrity

ITS provides technical support for students.  Please contact the Student Tech Services Center at 314-977-4000, opt. 2 or visit the center for in person help; click here for location and contact information.

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