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Course Reserves Policies
Ask a Librarian

Who can use ERes?

Saint Louis University faculty members may use Electronic Reserves (ERes) for the non-commercial, educational use of their students.

What materials can be posted to ERes?

Appropriate materials for ERes include, but are not limited to lecture notes, past examinations, government publications, other public domain materials, articles from journals, and book chapters equaling 10% or less of a complete book.

Are there Copyright Restrictions?

Copyrighted materials must follow “Fair Use” guidelines as set by U.S. Copyright Law. See SLU Libraries Reserves and Electronic Reserves Guide.

Public domain materials, most government documents, and links to articles and books may be placed on reserve without any copyright restrictions. Persistent links will be provided for articles in licensed journals and databases or for electronic books whenever possible.

In ERes, students click an "Accept" button agreeing to adhere to the copyright notice that appears prior to accessing the content for each course. In addition, the full bibliographic citation and a notice that copyright law may cover the material appear on the first page of each item on ERes.

How do Students Access Materials on ERes?
Access to materials on ERes is available only from the ERes Web page by the Department or instructor's name and is limited by password to students enrolled in each course. ERes course pages are removed at the end of each semester but are kept on file for future use. Alternatively, ERes links can be placed within Blackboard / SLU Global.

Is ERes Free?
Students are not charged for access. If students choose to print an item, the charge is limited to the cost of printing.

Where do ERes Materials Come From?
Many ERes materials come from items owned or licensed by the Medical Center Library. Materials not owned or licensed by the Libraries will be purchased whenever possible.

What Can and Cannot be Posted on ERes?
All materials placed on ERes must be legally obtained and owned by the Libraries, another unit of the University, or the instructor; or licensed by Saint Louis University or one of its divisions. To place a student's work on ERes, written permission from the student is needed and should be submitted with the request.

If there is doubt about fair use of certain reserve materials, copyright permission will be sought from the copyright holder, in most instances by the Libraries. The Libraries will apply for permission through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), or to the copyright holder directly if CCC cannot provide copyright permission. All copyrighted materials that are repeatedly used in subsequent semesters, must have copyright permission. The library will immediately remove any materials that are denied copyright permission. In the case of denial, the instructor will be notified.

Lengthy works that are under copyright, such as complete books, will not be placed on ERes unless the work is out of print and the faculty member provides documented permission from the copyright holder (emails are not an acceptable form of documentation). Posting 10% or less of a book on ERes is permissible. Complete books can be put on Traditional Reserve at the Medical Center Library.

The Libraries will pay for copyright permission but reserve the right to refuse materials for ERes when the cost for copyright permission is too high. The Libraries' policy regarding payment of copyright fees is subject to change contingent upon library budget constraints.


Processing Time
ERes materials are processed in the order received and as quickly as possible. Please allow a minimum of 5-7 working days, particularly at the beginning of each term. Materials may be added before the term begins or later in the term and are usually processed in a shorter time period.

Submitting Materials
There are two ways to submit material to ERes, electronically and through inter-departmental mail.

Submitting Materials Electronically
Submitting materials electronically is the preferred method because it cuts down on paper waste. To submit materials, please email the following to
  • The ERes Request Form
  • The Checklist for Fair Use
  • A reading list, syllabus, or instructions on how to arrange the documents on the course page. Documents can be sorted into folders, and folders can be given titles.
  • PDF files of the documents to be posted. ZIP files may be sent to consolidate space. When sending PDF files, please:
    • Include the title and copyright pages for books.
    • Include bibliographic information if it cannot be found in the document.

Submitting Materials through Inter-Departmental Mail
To submit materials, please mail the following to the Medical Center Library with attention to ERes.
  • The ERes Request Form
  • The Checklist for Fair Use
  • A reading list, syllabus, or instruction on how to arrange the documents on the course page.
  • Hardcopies of the documents to be posted. When sending hardcopies, please:
    • Send only one-sided copies.
    • Do not staple documents. Separate with paper clips or binder clips.
    • Include the title and copyright pages for books.
    • Include bibliographic information if it cannot be found in the document.

Materials can also be delivered to the Medical Center Library in person.

*All ERes course pages are kept on file. If you wish to reuse a course page, simply email the ERes coordinator at, and ask to un-archive the course page.

*Instructors may choose the option of posting their own materials on ERes and managing their own course pages. Please contact the ERes coordinator for information and training regarding this option.

Copyright Reminder
  • All materials submitted for Electronic Reserves should fall within the Fair Use Guidelines found in Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107 of the U.S. Code and reproduced on the Course Reserves Copyright Guidelines page or have permission from the copyright owner. See SLU Libraries Reserves and Electronic Reserves Guide.
  • The Libraries have the right to refuse any materials for Reserves which may infringe copyright.

For questions or concerns please contact the ERes coordinator at or (314) 977-8800.


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