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Living the Mission

Saint Louis University is a learning community in the Jesuit tradition.

Jesuit tradition demands excellence in research, teaching and service to humanity. Thanks to a long history of distinction in these areas the University has thrived. Today, SLU is uniquely positioned on a path to become the finest Catholic university in the United States. One key to achieving this ambitious vision is to set individual and collective objectives to guide and measure our integrity and effectiveness.

As members of the University, we must incorporate the ethical values of the Judeo-Christian tradition into our University service. As is evident in the University's mission, this requires that we honor human dignity as we promote the common good by becoming men and women for others in everything we do. Saint Louis University renews this commitment to the common good in a shared undertaking called, "Living the Mission."

This shared undertaking seeks to implement the University's mission and vision by celebrating a shared set of values that supports the common good and inspires standards of conduct for us all.

The Mission of Saint Louis University

Shared Values for the Common Good

Standards of Conduct for the Common Good

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