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General Counsel           314.977.2506

Human Resources         314.977.2360

Mission and Ministry    314.977.2428

The Saint Louis University Ethics Hotline is an anonymous way for employees to report suspected wrongdoing, including waste, fraud, abuse and violations of federal and state laws and University policy.

The SLU Ethics Hotline is 1.877.525.KNOW (1.877.525.5669)

Compliance issues should be normally addressed through the administrative channels listed above. However, if you are uncomfortable addressing the issue through normal channels, please call the hotline. Calls to the hotline should be made in good faith to report misconduct rather than employee dissatisfaction. The hotline is available 24 hours a day to every employee from any telephone. If you call the hotline, you may remain completely anonymous, your conversation is not recorded, and the telephone number that you are calling from is not identified. It is SLU policy that you will not be retaliated against for reporting information to the hotline in good faith. Saint Louis University is committed to investigating all reports promptly. Confidentiality and anonymity are protected to the extent allowed by law.

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