Saint Louis University

As members of the Saint Louis University community, we demonstrate conduct and performance consistent with SLU's mission - the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity. We strive to always do what is right for our community and for each other, with an overall goal to work toward the common good. The principle of the common good invites us to establish mutual connections and interdependence based on reciprocal respect and solidarity. And our commitment to the common good becomes manifest in the shared values of responsibility and spirituality as we respect all persons. Behavior that fosters the common good rejects selfish individualism and seeks the well-being of all in our community.

In accord with its mission statement as a Jesuit, Catholic institution, Saint Louis University strives to be "catholic" or "universal" in recognizing the values we share with all traditions and persons of good will. Saint Louis University celebrates a tradition that, above all, honors the virtue of love and its call to generosity and selflessness. In our aspirations to realize the University's mission, we celebrate a shared set of values that support the common good. We refer to these values as the "5Cs": competence, conscience, compassion, commitment and community.

Competence - We develop and demonstrate innovation and competence in the performance of our responsibilities as we seek excellence. Pursuing competence enables us to comply with legal standards, to adhere to University policies and to live morality beyond legality. By competence we solve problems and support one another in difficult times. We ask questions and seek assistance when we are uncertain about the proper course of action. We promote free, active and original intellectual inquiry among all University members.

Conscience - We cultivate and follow our conscience for the development of the whole person in community. Respecting conscience encourages us to value inter-religious collaboration and respect the faith of diverse religious communities. Through conscience we deepen and clarify ethical conduct in the ongoing quest for enlightenment, understanding and truth.

Compassion - We embrace and show compassion through patience with and understanding of ourselves and other people. Practicing compassion helps us to demonstrate effective communication skills by listening, seeking first to reflect and understand before making decisions and taking action. With compassion, we enhance selflessness when interacting with others and we seek forgiveness when appropriate.

Commitment - We demonstrate and celebrate commitment by implementing our responsibilities with honesty and perseverance. Honoring commitment displays our respect for the dignity of others and ourselves. Through commitment, we foster civility with others and enhance ethical performance and conduct in our lives.

Community - We foster and express community when we respect the dignity of others as much as our own dignity. Nurturing community promotes dialogue and decision-making that address issues of ignorance, injustice, poverty, racism and educational needs. Through community, we welcome others from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We work together to build teamwork, to offer mutual support and to enhance our personal and professional accomplishments.

This set of shared values (the 5Cs) provides a lens, so to speak, for applying the University's more general mission statement to practical matters of performance and practice by enabling us to identify standards of conduct that can promote the common good. In other words, this set of values (the 5Cs) should permeate and influence the standards of conduct for the common good that follow.