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SLU-Madrid's Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia

Madison Murphy Barney '16 (Communication/International Relations) is currently living in Malaysia where she serves as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in a rural school.

Fulbright is a U.S. government-sponsored international educational exchange which operates in more than 155 countries worldwide. READ MORE >>

Running for a Cause: SLU-Madrid's 5K Fundraiser

Dozens of runners, walkers, and sideline supporters came together for the semiannual SLU-Madrid run for a cause, organized by Sports Director, César Rioja.

This semester's event raised nearly 400 € in support of Cottolengo del Padre Alegre, a faith-based initiative to create an inclusive community and provide medical and residential services to economically disadvantaged adults with disabilities. READ MORE >>

Professor Bosco Shares Classical Music Expertise

SLU-Madrid's piano professor, Alberto Bosco, made his way back to his hometown of Turin, Italy to present at various theaters.

His tour began at the Teatro Vittoria de Turín for the Unione Musicale season. He delivered the first of a series of pre-concert talks on the topic of Robert Schumann chamber music. READ MORE >>

Daria Sheremeteva Named Athlete of the Month

The October 2017 Athlete of the Month Award went to Daria Sheremeteva, a competitive tennis player who is studying International Business at SLU-Madrid.

Sports Director César Rioja nominated Daria for the award in recognition of her high-level game and endurance in both academic and athletic settings. READ MORE >>

Diving in for an Underwater Lab

Oceanography students ventured into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea for a scuba diving lab at Cabo de Palos, one of Europe's top sites.

There, they examined the underwater marine life and the geological formations they learn about in Drs. Mónica Perez-Bedmar and Olaya García's Introduction to Oceanography courses. READ MORE >>

Dr. Goss on Spanish Tourism

Dr. Brian M. Goss (Communication Program Director) recently published a chapter in the book, Identity and Identification (University of Castilla-La Mancha Press).

Titled "Being Different Differently: The Tourism Discourse of Spain's Junta de Extremadura," Dr. Goss's chapter was originally presented at a conference at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Ciudad Real. READ MORE >>

Tracking 2016 Graduates

A year and a half after graduating from SLU-Madrid, the Class of 2016 graduates are working and studying across the globe.

Of the 59 students who graduated in 2016, 90% have updated the Career Services Coordinator, Patrice Burns, on their endeavors: 89% are either working or continuing their education. READ MORE >>

Dr. Welch on Ethical Uncertainty

Dr. John R. Welch (Philosophy) recently published "Coping with Ethical Uncertainty," an article that confronts a problem that plagues most of our ethical decisions: lack of information.

Because we lack information, we are uncertain-uncertain about our goals, the consequences of our actions, and the possible reactions of other people. READ MORE >>

Medieval Scholars Advance the Study of King Ferdinand's Reign

Scholars from more than a dozen different universities across Spain, the U.S. and the U.K congregated in Madrid for the scholarly conference, San Fernando and his Age.

Hames Bitar, a well-known Syrian musician in Madrid, set the mood for the evening with live oud music as the attendees arrived. READ MORE >>

Dr. Al-Ramli Exhibits his Award-Winning Works

Professor Muhsin Al-Ramli, Ph.D. (Modern Languages) presented his award-winning novel, The President's Gardens and Naranjas y cuchillas en Bagdad, a collection of short stories, at a multilingual ceremony on campus.

Hames Bitar, a well-known Syrian musician in Madrid, set the mood for the evening with live oud music as the attendees arrived. READ MORE >>

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