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First-Year Housing

All first-year students are required to live together for a full academic year in one of two residence halls located within walking distance of campus. This requirement contributes to building SLU-Madrid’s unique and diverse community. 

SLU-Madrid has partnered with  Nexo Residencias to provide an extraordinary residential experience for its first-year students.

Your role in being a part of SLU-Madrid’s extraordinary international community takes place both on and off campus.

Your first-year residence is more than just a place to sleep in. It provides community. Living, learning and growing with students studying at SLU-Madrid and other local universities will enrich your education in ways that cannot be matched. Research confirms that students who live in residences perform better academically, graduate earlier that those who live off campus, get more involved and have stronger connections to their peers.

As a future new student at SLU-Madrid, follow the steps below to reserve your new home at SLU-Madrid.

Colegio Mayor El Faro and Residencia Galdós

SLU-Madrid works closely with Nexo Residencias and reserves spaces for its students in two of their colegios mayores (university residences): El Faro and Galdós. Both residences are located within walking distance from campus and offer amenities you need to support you in your studies and to transition to life in Madrid.


  • Amenities include bed linen/towel service, internet and all utilities.

  • Well-furnished double rooms, with ample storage, individual kitchenettes and bathrooms.

  • The meal plan includes in-house dining as well as lunches served on campus at the Unity (by Sodexo), seven days a week (except for Christmas and Easter Week).

  • Both residences have study rooms, games rooms, gyms, dining rooms (with outdoor terraces), vending areas, laundry service and parking.

  • The residence halls offer social activities, cultural events and sports.

  • Also on-site are Residence Advisors, upper-class students who attend SLU-Madrid and support first-year students with their transition to college life.

In these two residential communities, you and your SLU-Madrid roommate will reside with students from SLU-Madrid and from other universities in Madrid, positioning you to connect with students with whom you can share your academic interests, plans and goals.

Other living expenses while living at the student residence

Living in a residence means you don’t have to pay extra for living expenses, such as electricity, water, gas, internet, cleaning, food, and laundry of your bed linen. You should, however, be aware of what’s not covered:

  • Laundry (machines are on-site)
  • Meals during breaks (Christmas and Easter)
  • Transportation
  • Toiletries
  • Other personal expenses
Residence General Information

Student residences in Spain are run by privately owned companies and host students from different Universities. In Galdós and El Faro there are students from other American universities like Syracuse, Suffolk, NYU and also Spanish and international students studying at Spanish universities like the Universidad de Comillas and Universidad Complutense.

At El Faro, students will also live with a large group of 30-50 students from the University of Delaware who do their first-semester, first-year of college at SLU-Madrid. 

The dorms are co-ed, but the rooms are assigned according to the students' legal gender.  Students are in double rooms with their own bathroom.

Both the residences are just 800-850 m away from the campus—less than one mile—so they are completely within walking distance.

Want to find out more about our residences? Here is more information:

Residencia El FaroColegio Mayor El Faro

See the distance between El Faro and SLU-Madrid Campus.

Residencia GaldósResidencia Galdós

See the distance between El Faro and SLU-Madrid Campus.

Testimony of a student living at Nexo residences.

Reception/Desk Operations

The reception areas of the El Faro and Galdós residences are staffed 24-hours with Nexo desk workers. Their main responsibility is your security. They also provide other services: they are your primary point of contact for your home in Madrid and will respond promptly to your concerns. Report all maintenance issues or safety concerns to them.

Study Spaces

Both residences have common areas and study rooms. Residents are expected to respect one another’s study needs in designated study areas.

Healthy Eating

Your first-year residence experience comes with a full meal plan with several options for dining. You can eat three meals each day at your residence hall or you can pick up a meal-ticket in the morning and lunch on campus at SLU-Madrid’s dining service, The Unity, by Sodexo.

Please let staff know of any dietary restrictions you may have. If Nexo’s or SLU-Madrid’s dining services are not able to accommodate your dietary restrictions, first speak to the dining staff directly. If you need further assistance, contact the first-year housing coordinator.

Be prepared to try different foods and to dine following Spain’s traditional meal times. Note also that dining services are not available during the Christmas Break (December 22 – January 7) and Holy Week (April 7-12). Students are responsible for their meals during these periods.


Each residence hall has a workout room with free weights and machines. SLU-Madrid’s Athletic Director, César Rioja, can also connect you with clubs for your favorite sports and other fitness facilities, such as a lap pool or running track. SLU-Madrid cares about you as a whole person: that includes your physical well-being!

Cleaning Service

Nexo staff will clean your room on a weekly basis, which includes changing bedlinens and towels. If you have concerns or questions about cleaning services, contact the reception desk.


Coin/app-operated washing machines and dryers are available in each residence.

Sustainability: Energy and Water Use

Electricity and water charges are covered in your payment. Be responsible. Help save water: Limit your shower to ten minutes. Turn off the faucet whenever possible. Turn off lights and electrical devices when you don’t need them.

Mail and Deliveries

You can have packages sent to your residence. Be sure that those who send you mail include your full name and room number on all packages.


You are expected to meet and register your guests at the building entrance and be with them while in the building. At no time should you provide entrance to the building to anyone who is not your guest. Please limit guest access to common areas; refrain from inviting guests into your room.

Other Amenities

Sorry, no pets. Not even goldfish. You are welcome to store your bike or even park your car at the residences we work with. For full information, please see the Residencia Galdós and Colegio Mayor El Faro websites.

Arrival and Departure Information
Arrival Information

First-year students may move into the residence halls on Aug. 28, 2020. This means you may move in, unpack and store your luggage prior to joining us for SLU-Madrid’s pre-semester Welcome Session for all new students.

If you detect any damages in your room upon arrival, report them to Nexo staff immediately. You will be held responsible for any damage resulting from the abuse or misuse of any furnishings or equipment belonging to the residence.

Emergency Contact Information

You will not be permitted to move into your room if you have not provided your Emergency Contact in MySLU. You must also provide your Confidential Missing Person emergency contact. A student's confidential Missing Person contact information will be accessible only by authorized SLU-Madrid personnel and law enforcement officials in the course of a missing person’s investigation. We need this information!

What to Bring

Your room comes fully furnished with plenty of storage space and a desk lamp, along with towels, bedlinens, pillows and bedcovers.

Even though you can buy things after arriving in Madrid, the following items may be useful to bring with you:

Room Needs/Storage

  • Alarm clock/clock radio
  • Mini toolkit (including screwdriver, hammer, wrench)
  • Posters/art

Linens/Laundry Supplies

  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry bag/basket
  • Laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover
  • Mini sewing kit

Office/Desk Supplies

  • Electronic storage media such as memory cards and USB flash drives
  • Stapler and staples
  • Printer paper (if you decide to bring a printer)
  • Pens and pencils
  • Pencil holder and sharpener
  • Notebooks
  • Folder with pockets
  • Labels of various sizes
  • 3 × 5 index cards
  • Sticky notes
  • Paper clips and binder clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Highlighter pens (multiple colors)
  • Ruler
  • Stackable desk trays 
  • Stamps and envelopes


  • Laptop (printer is optional; there are usually computer labs where you can print)
  • Portable speakers (if you want to play music from laptop/MP3 player)
  • HDMI cord, Ethernet cord for computer (the dorms have wireless)
  • Plug adapters
  • Extension cords
  • MP3 player
  • Headphones
  • Camera
  • Cell phone


  • Shower caddy
  • Shower shoes (flip-flops)
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairstyling products
  • Bath and face soap
  • Travel soap container(s)
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Dental floss
  • Comb/brush
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Lotion and/or facial moisturizer
  • Cotton swabs


  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Pants/jeans
  • Shirts/blouses
  • Sweatclothes
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers and/or flip-flops
  • Sweaters
  • Light/heavy jackets
  • Gloves/scarf/hat (and other cold-weather gear as needed)
  • 1 pair of boots
  • 2 pairs of sneakers or comfortable walking shoes
  • 1 set of business-casual clothes
  • 1 pair of dress shoes
  • 1 swimsuit


  • Umbrella
  • Backpack
  • Sports equipment

Important tip: The standard electric current in Spain is 220 volts: You may need plug adapters for your your electronic devices and to make sure they are rated for 220 volts. If they are not, you may also need a voltage converter.

Departure Information

You must check out of your room on May 14, 2021. If you wish to extend your stay – to enroll in summer session classes, etc. – you may make arrangements with Nexo Residences or contact a housing coordinator for help.

Roommate Assignment and Changes

Students will be in double rooms.

Your Roommate

During the month of June, the first-year resident coordinator will match you with a roommate, based on the housing questionnaire you have submitted with your deposit.

Our housing department will assign you a roommate based on your preferences, likes and dislikes, according to the housing questionnaire you will have completed.

You can also request a specific roommate during the initial application. While every effort is made to provide you with the housing and roommate you want for the upcoming year, you may not receive your first choices. 

Before coming to Spain, you may wish to reach out to your roommate. Think about your own personal needs so that you can express them accurately and openly. Reaching out lets you get to know each other prior to arrival and to plan for your living experience. Remember, it can be difficult to get to know someone over the phone or just by looking at their social media profile, so be cautious about making quick judgments about your new roommate(s) before meeting her/him/them in person.

Students are expected to adhere to all aspects of the housing contract in respect to assigned spaces including:

  1. Rooms are to be occupied by only those assigned to the room; they are not to be occupied by other residents or nonresidents.
  2. Refusing to accept or impeding an effort by Residence Life staff to make an assignment to a vacant space is prohibited.

Both El Faro and Galdós are co-ed residences; however, the two students sharing the same room must have the same legal gender.

Sharing Space

Living with a roommate can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. It also brings challenges.

Everyone has different beliefs, values, experiences, communication styles, and expectations. You and your roommate may become the best of friends, or you may only see each other when you’re in your room. No matter how close you are, you have to work together to establish and maintain a positive living environment. Having the right attitude can make living with a roommate a little easier for both of you. The most important elements of living with a roommate include: 

  • Respecting your roommate
  • Being considerate of your roommate’s thoughts and concerns
  • Being willing to communicate and compromise
  • Having an open mind regarding your roommate’s choices

You have rights in your shared living space; your roommate has rights as well. These rights include:

  • To read and study in one’s room
  • To sleep with as little disturbance as possible
  • To have respectful interaction with roommate(s)
  • To live in a maintained clean environment
  • To have access to one’s room at all times
  • To have personal privacy
  • To have guests who respect the rights of other residents
  • To speak openly about ideas, options, and grievances
  • To be free from physical and emotional harm
  • To be treated in a considerate and thoughtful manner
  • To expect cooperation within reason
  • To expect enforcement of residence hall and SLU-Madrid policies (SLU-Madrid is citing this “Bill of Rights” and has borrowed text from New York University’s website)
Roommate Assignments and Changes

Room and roommate reassignments are not always possible but are considered in the following circumstances:

  1. Roommate Conflict: Living in a new place with another person can sometimes present challenges, and disagreements between roommates are normal. That’s why you and your roommate will work with the first-year housing coordinator to create a roommate agreement if the two of you encounter any difficulties. This document will help you talk through topics that commonly lead to disagreements or misunderstandings.

    As soon as a problem occurs, try talking it out with your roommate first. If you are uncomfortable doing so, contact your RA or the first-year housing coordinator. They can connect you to resources and help facilitate conversation about the issue. An unbiased third party, such as a counselor can also help via mediation. As part of this process, everyone has a chance to be heard, and the two of you will work toward a solution that is beneficial to you both.

    Some roommate conflicts require several mediations before they find a solution. Others cannot be resolved. In those cases, and only in those cases, a room reassignment will be considered, provided:
       - Vacant space is available.
       - All students affected have consented to the change.
       - SLU Madrid’s Student Life director has approved the change.
  2. Disturbing or Disruptive Behaviors: Students who display disturbing or disruptive behaviors may be required to move out of SLU-Madrid's first-year housing program. Examples of disturbing/disruptive behaviors include, but are not limited to: poor social interaction with roommates, or social interaction that is aggressive, hostile, threatening, or disturbing to others; behavior suggesting the presence of a medical and/or mental illness that is causing significant disruption/distress to the student's roommates, such as depression (e.g., self-injurious behavior, suicide threats/attempts, isolating oneself in the room while at home, etc.), anxiety disorders (e.g., becoming hostile or excessively anxious when family members/roommates do not follow rigid routines, etc.), eating disorders (e.g., excessive weight loss, binge eating, vomiting frequently, or unusual requests regarding food and menus, etc.), and substance abuse, among others.

    When the presence of such behaviors is detected, the Student Life staff, in coordination with the Counseling Center and the Dean's Office, will determine the appropriate action required, including, but not limited to: leaving the residence hall; continuing academic studies, while receiving appropriate treatment for the medical condition; taking a leave of absence; or withdrawing from SLU-Madrid.
  3. Administrative Reassignment: Residents of communities, whether that be a room or floor, with environments that are displaying behaviors inconsistent with Nexo Residencia’s and/or SLU-Madrid’s values, mission or policies are subject to an administrative move. If an administrative reassignment occurs, the student or students involved will be responsible for any additional room charges affiliated with the new assignment.

    SLU-Madrid reserves the right to reassign an individual or a group of individuals at any time. This policy is usually, but not exclusively, applied to situations where an individual student or group of students has had recurring behavioral problems or community damage. The Housing Office along with the Director of Student Life will determine when an administrative move is deemed necessary. If an administrative move occurs, parent/ guardians could be notified of the reassignment. Additionally, students may also be administratively reassigned in order to consolidate space.

    In cases of housing dismissal/suspension, SLU-Madrid will not pay for hotel stays or for alternative accommodation.

    SLU-Madrid reserves the right to change a residence assignment at any time should it become necessary for any reason.
Housing Application and Payment Information

Upon application, all students will need to pay the non-refundable Housing Application Fee of 200 euros. The Academic Year 2020-21 price for first-year housing is 5,400 euros per semester (10,800 euros per academic year), and all non-exempt first-year students are required to live in first-year housing during both the fall and spring semesters. The price includes full room and board in a double occupancy room in Nexo Residencias located walking distance from campus. Students will be placed according to their needs, roommate preferences and habits based on responses provided in the housing application questionnaire.

Apply online

Housing Exemptions & Appeals

New first-year students are required to participate in our housing program. They are also expected to abide by SLU-Madrid’s housing policies. However, if you have a reason that prevents you from participating in our program, you may apply for an exemption.

To do so you must submit the residency exemption form through the Housing Application Platform along with associated documentation. Do not plan for alternate housing until SLU-Madrid notifies you that your exemption has been granted in writing.

Exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis, but include:

  1. married students;
  2. students aged 21-years or older;
  3. students who have established a residence within 100 kilometers of the SLU-Madrid campus for six months prior to the start of their first semester at SLU-Madrid.
Residence Living & Residence Housing Norms

As a residential student, you enjoy considerable freedom. With that freedom comes responsibilities. You are responsible for your room. Regardless of your presence, you are responsible for all activities that occur there if you have knowledge of others’ activities or fail to take proper actions to stop any activity. You are also responsible for your actions, the physical environment of the building, and the whole community.

If you are aware of, or in the presence of, a violation of University policy, and remain in the presence of, or fail to take reasonable actions to stop the violation, you are giving your implied consent to this violation, and could be held responsible.

A benefit of attending a Jesuit University is our strong commitment to values. We value your right to privacy, freedom of choice, and the responsibility that comes with those freedoms. Your room is a private space, and we respect your privacy. You have the freedom of choice, and that, as individuals, you will make decisions that will affect your life. Hopefully, these decisions will be a result of a close examination of available information, and your own careful thought.

It is in this context that you will make decisions about how you will act, represent yourself and comply with the expectations of other residents, Saint Louis University-Madrid, Nexo residences and the law. It is important that you examine and consider the predictable outcomes or results of your actions. Our expectation, then, is that you will comply with these policies, as well as any local, national, European Union or USA federal laws that apply to USA universities’ satellite campuses.

As a residential student it is your responsibility to review this handbook as well as the Community Standards. If you have any questions, please talk to a Student Life staff member or contact the Housing coordinators at

When signing/confirming the First-Year Student Housing Agreement you confirm that you:

  • are aware of the residence expectations and norms;
  • will comply with everything mentioned and stated on this document;
  • will comply with the housing payments (See the SLU Madrid Housing Payment Information)
Residence Housing Norms

These norms apply to all first-year students registered at SLU-Madrid and living at El Faro and Galdós.

  1. Building Exterior: Failure to follow the following guidelines jeopardizes the safety of community members:
    a. The propping open of residence hall exterior doors is strictly prohibited.
    b. Throwing or dropping objects from windows or balconies is prohibited.
    c. Students are prohibited from being out on a ledge, windowsill or a building roof. This includes entering and exiting from them.
  2.  Elevator Abuse: Residents should abide by elevator guidelines (occupancy, etc.) to ensure the safety of themselves and others and to ensure the safe operation of the elevator. To keep elevators in running order, do not overload, force doors open, stop the elevator, jump, use alarm buttons (except in emergencies), or otherwise misuse the equipment. Elevator abuse poses a serious threat to safety. If the elevator stops between floors, stay calm, remain in the elevator and use the alarm button and/or call box. A Nexo staff member, the fire brigade or the elevator company will come assist you with evacuating.
  3. Residence Sports/Recreation: Out of respect for Nexo’s property and facilities, sports or general roughhousing is not permitted in the hallways or lounges. Additionally, wheeled transportation (including, but not limited to, bikes, motorized and non-motorized scooters etc.) are not permitted in the residence halls.
  4.  Host Responsibility: Hosts are responsible for all actions of their guests. Hosts and guests must remain together at all times and in common areas.
  5.  Housekeeping/Cleanliness: Students are asked to maintain a high standard of housekeeping and cleanliness in their rooms.
    a. The assigned space and furnishings should be kept clean and sanitary.
    b. Garbage and other items to be discarded should be placed in the appropriate trash rooms or dumpsters.
    c . Students should clean up trash and personal items in common areas after use.
  6.  Noise: Students should be considerate by observing nighttime hours and responding appropriately to requests to lower noise volume. Noise that can be heard outside of a room or in the patios of the residence buildings by placing a stereo out the window, yelling out the window, or using amplification devices is prohibited.
  7.  Occupancy: In order to maintain reasonable occupancy levels, gatherings should take place in common areas, not in the rooms or the corridors.
  8.  Open Flame/Element Devices: Open flame or open element devices (including, but not limited to, candles-wick or no wick, incense, George Foreman grills, toasters, toaster ovens, barbecue grills, etc.) are not permitted in the residence halls.
  9.  Overnight Guests/Cohabitation: Residents may only have overnight guests in accordance with Nexo’s visitation guidelines and with the previous written consent of the roommate. Cohabitation is not permitted.
  10.  Pets: including assistance pets are not permitted in the residences.
  11. Damages: Students are expected to respect Nexo’s property, as well as the property of other community members. Damages, alterations, or removals to residence rooms, buildings, and other community member's property are not allowed. At any time of the year, students will be billed for any damage to the room. Damage not claimed by one person will be split between all residents residing in the room.
  12.  Restroom Civility: At no time should individuals be in a restroom facility designated for a gender other than their own gender identity.
  13.  Screens/Doors: Students may not remove, alter, or tamper with window screens, door closures, locks, etc. Additional locks may not be added to the room or bathrooms doors.
  14.  Prohibited Items:
    14.1 Alcohol and drugs
    14.2 Alcohol collections or trophies (pyramids, excessive bottles, cans, cartons)
    14.3 Air conditioners (both window and portable units except those provided by Nexo)
    14.4 Devices used to promote irresponsible drinking (beer bongs, funnels, kegs, party balls, etc.)
    14.5 Fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, etc.
    14.6 Guns
    14.7 Halogen lamps, lava lamps, sunlamps, and incandescent bulbs
    14.8 Hookahs or waterpipes
    14.9 Hoverboards/motorized skateboards
    14.10 Items obstructing egress/exit paths in rooms or hallways
    14.11 Knives that are not simple silverware knives
    14.12 Locks, latches, or similar devices for interior and exterior doors beyond those provided by Nexo
    14.13 Outside antenna/satellite dish
    14.14 Live cut trees or wreaths
    14.15 Personal furniture
    14.16 Signs considered to be city, government or another's property
    14.17 Wireless internet routers
  15. Prohibited Actions:
    15.1 Attempting to gain access to another person’s lock-out key and/or another person’s room with a lock-out key
    15.2 Cooking in the room
    15.3 Hanging items on sprinkler heads or piping
    15.4 Harassing, verbal abuse, or other similar behaviors with other residents or Nexo’s staff
    15.5 Tampering with fire alarms
    15.6 Painting or repairing by residents
    15.7 Removing Nexo’s-issued room furniture or relocation of any issued residential furniture
    15.8 Utilizing smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes inside a building
    15.9 Storing and consuming alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden
    15.10 Taking any food or items from a roommate without permission
    15.11 Having overnight guests, including family members
  16.  Restitution for Community Damages: In the event of damages occurring in community spaces or residence rooms, the students responsible may be asked to provide restitution in order to repair property damaged. Monetary restitution will be determined on a case by case basis in order to repair damage.
Appendix I: Room Entry and Search Policy

SLU-Madrid reserves the right to enter a student’s room to ensure, among other things, health, safety, and maintenance in residence rooms. SLU-Madrid will enter and search a residence hall room if authorized personnel (RAs, Nexo’s staff, SLU-Madrid staff) has reason to believe the following:

  • That there is a possibility of imminent hazard to persons or property;
  • That there is a violation of public law or SLU-Madrid policy, including the University Community Standards;
  • That contraband items are present but concealed from view.

If entry becomes necessary under these conditions, SLU-Madrid Student Life staff will knock and identify themselves. If there is no response, a passkey will be used to enter the room. Prohibited items like alcohol and/or drugs will be confiscated.

If a room search is necessary, it will be conducted by SLU-Madrid Student Life staff. If possible, Nexo residence staff will be present during the room search. When practical, the resident(s) whose room is to be searched will be allowed to be present during the search and will be informed of the reason for the search. The resident(s) need not give permission to search. At the discretion of SLU-Madrid Student Life staff, the resident(s) will typically be asked to open drawers, closets, locked boxes, etc. However, refusal to comply will not impede the search.

Spanish Police Department and/or other law enforcement entities with proper authority may initiate a search within normal legal guidelines. These procedures may supersede the above guidelines. The information gathered during this process may be processed through both the criminal system and the University’s Community Standard processes.

During a search, SLU-Madrid Student Life staff shall make a reasonable attempt not to unnecessarily disrupt belongings, and an effort shall be made to leave the room in the condition that it was found. A receipt shall be given for any seized items. If no resident is present, SLU-Madrid Student Life staff shall leave a notice of entry/search and a receipt of any seized items.

A resident who believes their room has been wrongfully entered should report the matter to the Housing Coordinator and submit a written complaint to the Director of Student Life.

Resident Assistants and Student Life Staff
Resident Assistants

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is a peer educator and mentor. He or she will direct you to campus resources and help coordinate extracurricular activities to complement your learning experience as a college student. Your RA is a student leader who knows the ins and outs of SLU’s academic programs and policies and who is committed to your success during your transition to life at SLU-Madrid and in Spain.

Student Life Staff

As a new student in our housing system, your key point person is our first-year housing coordinator, Mohit Naregalkar. He’s available to answer any questions you have and to serve as a liaison if you need assistance or wish to follow up on requests to Nexo staff. Margarita Casado, our housing coordinator, is also ready to help, as is the director of Student life, Marta Maruri.


Please check your email account. SLU-Madrid communicates with you through email; if you need assistance forwarding emails from your or updating information in, visit or write SLU-Madrid’s IT support staff at at

Safety Information
Safety and Emergency Procedures

Evacuation routes, procedures and assembly areas are listed in each residential area and emergency procedure training will be provided. You are expected to familiarize yourself with the appropriate evacuation routes of the facility.

In cases of emergency, you must follow the directions of Nexo’s staff or other emergency personnel all times. If you have questions or concerns about the emergency or evacuation procedures, contact Nexo’s staff.


If you are trapped in an elevator:

  • Remain calm.
  • Use the emergency elevator phone or alarm button to call for help.
  • Do not attempt to pry open doors.
  • Do not attempt to use the overhead hatch.
  • Emergency assistance will be directed to your location.

If you believe someone is trapped in an elevator:

  • Contact the residence’s front desk.
  • Talk to the person(s) inside of the elevator.
  • Ask the person(s) to remain calm: assistance is on the way.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of fire alarms, evacuation routes or exits and fire extinguishers.
  • Evacuate when the fire alarm sounds.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Assist others during evacuation.
  • Go to your designated assembly area.
Other Hazardous Conditions

If you see, smell or hear something that might be a hazard, call the front desk or 112.

Mental Health Emergencies
  • If life-threatening, contact 112.
  • Consult with on-call 24/7 Psychiatric Counseling at +34 609 269 323.
  • Contact any Nexo or SLU-Madrid staff member or your Resident Assistant.
Medical Emergencies
  • If life-threatening, contact 112.
  • Contact Sanitas Health Services (24/7): 902 10 36 00. For non-emergencies (24/7), call: 902 10 61 02.
  • Go directly to Hospital La Luz (Calle Maestro Ángel Lorca, 8), which is part of the Sanitas network.

If you are hospitalized, SLU-Madrid reserves the right to notify your roommate and the residence to prevent them from thinking that you are missing. We also reserve the right to notify your family. You should notify them too. If you are hospitalized, you are required to notify the Student Life Emergency Number: 638 763 758. Similarly, if your roommate or another SLU-Madrid resident is hospitalized, you should notify Student Life as well.

Missing Students

Telephone the Student Life Emergency Number: 638 763 758

Sexual Misconduct

See SLU-Madrid’s Sexual Misconduct and Prohibited Conduct Policy.

Hate-Bias Related Incidents

Telephone the Student Life Emergency Number: 638 763 758