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There's your life in the classroom. And then there's your life. This is why our campus life is so rich: to encourage you to become more complete, stronger, more you.

The Student Life team lives the mission of the University through both serving and helping our students serve others. As educators in the Jesuit tradition, we believe in educating the "whole" person; we are concerned with the life of the mind, as well as the body and the spirit. We facilitate programs, services and experiences that will help as a "whole" person and become a leader who is critically reflective and socially and personally responsible.

SLU-Madrid Student Life staff has seen many US and international students come and go over the years. They will help you to achieve your goals.






Housing Coordinator

Fr. Jim



Campus Minister


Program Assistant

As educators in the Jesuit tradition -committed to the education of the "whole" person, mind, heart, body and spirit- the Student Life staff works to provide you with opportunities and information which will help you achieve your goals.

A few of the specific things that Student Life team does:

  • Mentor the permanent students during the application and renewal processes of their Spanish residency card: NIE.
  • Arrange housing for 350-450 SLU-Madrid registered students with Spanish host families and providing students who do not want this housing option with other options.
  • Mentor and help SGA and all clubs and organizations in developing all their activities and events.
  • Select, train and develop the skills as well as work closely with the Campus Ambassadors in the Welcome Sessions, Commencement and any other events and activities sponsored by Student Life on and off-Campus.
  • Coordinate all the practicalities of optional and faculty-led trips, Welcome sessions and Commencement.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the Chaplain, the Ignatian Community Council and  with any events related to Campus Ministry.
  • Coordinate and rent facilities to be able to offer more than 20 different sports and at all levels, including soccer teams in local soccer leagues, a scuba-diving course, free tennis and free golf classes, hiking events, 5k runs, etc.
  • Follow a Student Development approach in everything we do and more so in students disciplinary issues, cases of sexual assault and any other incidents.
  • Coordinate more than 100 students per semester doing Service Learning or volunteer work in more than 30 NGOs.
  • And of course, try to offer the best service to all the student body and each one of you at anytime. We are here to help you out in anything that is a matter of concern to you (health, safety, transport, travel, etc.)

Please do not hesitate to come into our office, send us an email or phone us:

 Student Life
Avenida del Valle 28, Padre Rubio Hall - Ground floor
91 554 58 58 - Ext: 213

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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