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Saint Louis University offers several digital resources outside the CMS for faculty, staff and students, including SLU Global and ITS resources for research. If your digital content focuses on SLU-specific groups or committees, projects or business operations, we recommend you use  Google Sites.

As part of the package of Google Apps available to the SLU community, Google Sites yields great-looking sites with minimal technical skill or effort. Google Sites is well documented, with user-friendly online help and tutorials. Google Sites also has some very advanced modules that can be easily added -- such as embedding calendars, spreadsheets and photo albums into pages -- with a little technical skill.

Sites made public (via the sharing options within Google Sites) can be accessed at

For more information on how to get started, visit ITS' Google Sites support page.


Faculty, staff and students may request a MySQL database for their work at the University, but not for personal use. Information Technology Services handles requests for databases and provides support in ensuring you can access your database.

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