If you want to advertise your department, program or event, the University marketing team can help. Before getting started, please read our advertising policy. Submit ad requests to the marketing team as far in advance as possible. It is strongly suggested that ads are requested at least two weeks before the artwork due date.

To arrange for an ad, contact Lindsey Paunovich, marketing coordinator at (314) 977-7417.

Here are some other tips to get you thinking in the right direction: 

  • Think of an ad as part of an overall marketing campaign.
  • Plan ahead and consider the advertising or promotion that may be part of your campaign, such as open houses, direct mail or press releases.
  • Know what specific outcome you'd like to achieve from the ad.
  • Know your target audience and where you will most likely reach that audience.
  • Consult publications (or their Web sites) for demographics and editorial calendars. Editorial calendars are usually planned a year in advance and tell what the focus of each issue will be. This can help you more effectively reach your audience. (For example, if you are advertising an MBA program, you should place your ad in an issue featuring the best MBA programs.)
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