Athletics Logos


The official color of the Billiken athletics brand comes from the PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) 287 Blue. Every logo within the Billiken athletics brand is composed of one color and should never be reproduced in more than one color. Logos should only be produced in PMS 287 Blue or a similar blue whenever possible. When color is not an option, logos should be produced in black and white. Correct color separations for the official Billiken blue color are below:

  • Spot Color: PANTONE® 287
  • Process Color: Cyan 100 | Magenta 68 | Yellow 0 | Black 12
  • RGB Color: Red 0 | Green 0 | Blue 224
  • Web Color: #0000CC

The official font family of the Billiken athletics brand is Crillee Italic. Crillee Bold Italic and Extra Bold Italic may also be used.

The logos within the Billiken athletics brand can be enlarged or reduced proportionately but should NEVER be altered or modified in any way.

Whenever any of the logos within the Billiken athletics brand are being produced at small sizes, and the outlines around the words "Saint Louis" or "Billikens" or "SLU" will be lost during production, the logos can be produced without the outlines.

The words "Saint Louis Billikens" should always be used together. "Saint Louis" should never be used without "Billikens." "Saint" should always be spelled out and never abbreviated.

When using the "SLU" version of the logos, the words "Saint Louis University" or "Saint Louis Billikens" should always appear elsewhere on the application.

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