Saint Louis University

Although Saint Louis University represents thousands of people, we are one brand. That is reflected in the University's marketing materials and its communications, which should speak in a cohesive, compelling voice. The following tools help ensure a stronger, more consistent image for the SLU brand.


  • Advertising Policy
    All advertising purchases must be coordinated by the Division of Marketing and Communications (Marcom).
  • URL and Subdomain Policy
    All requests for changes to URLs must be approved by Marcom, which monitors the use of "friendly" web addresses.
  • Web Content Management Policy
    All web-related content must be housed within SLU's official content management system (CMS). 


  • Logo Guidelines
    These guidelines, which also include direction for colors, fonts and photography, should be reviewed before downloading or using any University logo.
  • Social Media Guidelines
    These best practices should be followed by any faculty or staff member who maintains a social media account representing SLU. 
  • Writing Style Guide
    This guide should be consulted when writing about Saint Louis University.