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SLU Logo Guidelines

A brand is a powerful tool. It identifies where an organization is. Where it's been. And where it's going.

It works as a compass, keeping Saint Louis University true to who it is. It is composed of the words chosen, the images used and the colors and mark flown. Through it, SLU communicates its beliefs and shares its story within the community and with the world.

This official guide has been developed to help you understand the Saint Louis University brand. It outlines the standards that will ensure the integrity of SLU’s visual identity as we work together to convey a unified and compelling message about this great institution.

For questions about the Saint Louis University Visual Identity Guide, email Matt Krob, director of University graphic design, at

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A mark identifies a brand. It serves as both a flag and a signature. It should be instantly recognizable and unique. Every mark communicates a message and SLU's mark is no different, representing its values and vision.

Rivers Unite

SLU's mark draws inspiration from the region and surrounding landscape. The subtle arches in the fleur-de-lis nod to the city of St. Louis itself and the Gateway Arch. The fluidity of the fleur-de-lis represents the river and symbolizes the movement and change that brings the University's legacy into the future.

SLU's Symbols

The fleur-de-lis, the shield, the crown and the cross have all been integral symbols of SLU's mark both past and present. The shield, fleur-de-lis and crown all represent King St. Louis. The cross symbolizes Christ and the University's Catholic tradition.

SLU's symbols


Saint Louis University's logo is its symbol (fleur-de-lis in shield) integrated with the institution’s name. This is SLU's official logo and known as a combination mark (relying both on symbol and text).

Simple, bold and versatile, this logo was designed for use (and legibility) across every touchpoint. This update feels fresh and modern, but it also stays true to SLU's heritage and history. The combination of the clean, crisp logotype and uncluttered design represents the clarity and clear-eyed vision the University possesses as an institution. Here past, present and future coalesce into a timeless design. 





SLU Wordmark



Logo Usage Guidelines

Minimum Sizing for Print

Logos require a minimum size to ensure maximum legibility and to keep the integrity of the University's mark intact. The primary logo may be reduced only to a minimum of 0.75".

Primary Vertical

The primary logo is the vertical centered logo.

Primary Vertical Mark

Horizontal Variations

The two horizontal variations, center-aligned and left- aligned, can be used wherever necessary, depending on the space and medium. There are different logos that can be leveraged at specific sizes to uphold the presence of the brand. When smaller sizes are needed, wordmarks or logotypes can be utilized and in extreme cases the logomark/symbol alone may be used and reduced to 0.25".

Vertical Mark Variations

Minimum Sizing for Web

Maximum legibility is also required for online usage of the logos. The minimum size requirements for all logos can be found below.

75 px Minimum width: 75 px or .75'' 

100 pxMinimum width: 100 px of 1''

175 pxMinimum width: 175 px or 1.75''

75 px horizontalMinimum width: 75 px or .75''

125 pxMinimum width: 125 px or 1.25''

30 pxMinimum width: 30 px or .30''

25 pxMinimum width: 25 px or .25''

50 px BillikenMinimum width: 50 px or .5'' 

Clear Space

To maintain proper and maximum visibility, logos require ample space surrounding them, known as clear space. The height of the clear space for the logos and logomark correlates with twice the height of the crown. Keep this space open and clear as shown above to maintain the integrity of the logo and brand. The clear space for wordmarks or logotypes is the height of the letter "S" around. 

Clear Space Guidelines

Dos and Don'ts

SLU's logo is the touchstone of the brand and one of the University's most valuable assets. Ensure proper usage by preserving the logo and not altering it:

  • Do not alter the color.
  • Do not skew, shear or stretch.
  • Do not not rotate unless on 90° axis.
  • Do not remove any elements.
  • Do not run text over the logo.
  • Do not apply effects to the logo.
  • Do not alter the hierarchy.
  • Do not rearrange or stack the logo.
  • Do not change the scale or ratio of the elements.
  • Do not place more than one logo per layout.
  • Do not add graphics or words to the logo.
  • Do not include other university marks with the logo on the same page.
  • Do not incorporate the University logo into other logos.
  • Do not place the logo over areas in a photo that may obscure it. 

Do's and Don'ts of Logos

The Billiken Usage Guidelines

Clear Space

The recommended clear space is 1/8th the width of the Billiken.

Billiken Clear Space

Dos and Don'ts

Below are examples illustrating misuses of the Billiken. These rules apply to all of SLU's logos to ensure consistency throughout the brand identity system.

Please do not do the following:

  • Do not alter or inverse the coloration.
  • Do not flip-the wink should always be on the left.
  • Do not stretch or skew.
  • Do not rotate, angle or pivot.
  • Do not apply a drop shadow or other effects to the logos.
  • Do not alter the appearance of the logos. Additional graphic elements (hats, glasses, bowties, earrings, etc.) are not to be added.
  • Do not run text over logos.
  • Do not place the logos over areas that may obscure it.
  • Do not outline.

Billiken Logo Dos and Don'ts

Logo Placement

The logo should be prominently featured on all mediums and communications. The size of the logo should be appropriate to the size of the medium or media.

To create consistency there are only a few locations the logo are allowed to be featured: any of the corners or centered depending on the logo, the content and what the piece is communicating. The logomark or shield should be used to create consistent margins throughout all materials as seen above. For printed materials the logo should never be larger than 20 percent of the page. For interactive material, it entirely depends on size and legibility. 

Logo PlacementPrimary Mark Placement

Stack Logo Lockups

A lockup system has been created to form consistency throughout the Saint Louis University brand. The logo lockups should be utilized across Saint Louis University's sub-brands, schools and divisions (i.e., Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology). This cohesive system strengthens our overall brand and image.

In addition to these guidelines, which apply to ALL university logos, please follow the following rules when using brand-specific marks. 

Center-aligned lockup

Center-Aligned LockupLeft-aligned lockup
Left-Aligned Lockup

Logo System  

A brand needs to be consistent throughout all touchpoints, and SLU's logo system is no different.

The University seal is used to authenticate the highest official University documents (e.g., diplomas, presidential items and legal documents). It is used as the watermark for all official University stationery items. The University seal should never be substituted for the Saint Louis University signature or logo.

Usage guidelines and the entire athletic identity system for the Billiken can be found in the athletics guidelines.   

SLU Logo


The Billiken

The Billiken