Higher Purpose. Greater Good.

Majoring in Impact

Developed with input from a cross-section of University stakeholders, the "Higher purpose. Greater good." branding has been in place at SLU since November 2012. The phrase is used with the University logo and is the creative inspiration for advertising and other marketing about SLU.

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About the Brand:

The "Higher purpose. Greater good." branding helps us communicate what's different about SLU - the University's DNA. It helps us articulate the University's core purpose, which is for the "greater good" and the University's core essence, which is our "higher purpose."

  • The phrase "Higher purpose. Greater good." embodies the Society of Jesus' nearly 500-year history of service for the greater glory of God. It also represents SLU's mission to pursue truth and serve humanity.
  • In a substantial way, it positions and differentiates Saint Louis University, and it touches on the things that make SLU special - outstanding academics, faith, service and history.
  • The idea combines what we stand for academically and our service to others.
  • By doing so, we establish an image of prestige, backed by real-world examples. In future ads, we can show SLU students or alumni doing good works here in St. Louis, or anywhere in the world.
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