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Saint Louis University Logo

At what size must I reproduce the University logo?
The "crest" portion of the logo artwork cannot be reproduced smaller than 1.25 inches in height. This measurement is taken from the top to the bottom of the fleur-de-lis. The logo should not be stretched or skewed through computer manipulation.

Can the fleur-de-lis artwork appear without the words "Saint Louis University"?
No. The words "Saint Louis University" in the approved typeface (Sabon) are part of the logo and, therefore, always must appear with the logo. This font should not be substituted, stretched, condensed, etc. It is a piece of the art.

Can I abbreviate it to "St." instead of "Saint"?
No. The first word in Saint Louis University is always spelled out, never abbreviated: "Saint."

How should the logo be used?
The logo should be positioned as a "closing mark," on the back cover or mailing panel of a publication. Should it appear on the cover or front panel of a publication, approval is needed. It is recommended to place the words "Saint Louis University" on the cover rather than using the logo.

Does the logo replace the University seal?
No. The logo does not replace the University seal. The seal is limited to use in official documents and ceremonies only (e.g. commencement, citations, etc.). If the use is deemed appropriate, the seal can be obtained from the office of University marketing and communications. 

Can I use the logo on my business cards?
Saint Louis University stationery and business cards can be ordered online through Standard Register, the approved stationery printer for the University. 

Can I create a secondary logo for my school/department?

No. The University's fleur-de-lis logo is the only authorized logo representing any school/department affiliated with SLU. Schools/departments may not create independent logos to be used in place of or in conjunction with the SLU logo.

Can the logo or seal be screened?
No. Neither the logo nor the seal can be screened. Type is never to be printed over them. Both items must always appear in their entirety.

What are the official University colors?
SLU blue is Pantone Matching System (PMS) 287. The gold used in the two-color logo is PMS 130.

The Billiken

Can I dress the Billiken in clothes that reflect my group or organization?
No. The Billiken's appearance is NEVER modified.

Is the Billiken restricted to athletic uses?
No. The Billiken is available for use by the entire University community.

Can I reproduce a version of the Billiken from the 1950s?
No. Only the current version of the Billiken is acceptable for use.

SLU Athletics

Can I reproduce the logos without the outlines around the letters?
Whenever any of the logos are being produced at small sizes, and the outlines around the words "Saint Louis" or "Billikens" or "SLU" will be lost during production, the logos can be produced without the outlines.

Can the words "Saint Louis" appear without the word "Billikens"?
The words "Saint Louis Billikens" should always be used together. "Saint Louis" should never be used without "Billikens."

Can I abbreviate St. instead of using Saint?
No. "Saint" should always be spelled out and never abbreviated.

Are there logos that have been designed for specific sports teams and athletics-sponsored organizations?
Yes. Secondary logos for specific sports teams and athletics-sponsored organizations can be obtained from the Billiken Media Relations office.

What are the official colors of the Billiken athletics brand?
Blue and white are the official Billiken athletics colors. Logos should only be produced in PANTONE® 287 Blue or a similar blue whenever possible. When color is not an option, logos should be produced in black and white.


Must I use the complete version of the SLUCare logo that features the fleur-de-lis?
No. Alternate versions without the fleur-de-lis are perfectly acceptable. However, when using the logo with the fleur, the fleur can be no smaller than 1.25 inches.

What if I'm only printing in one color? Can I use the SLUCare logo?
Yes. Preferably, the logo should be reproduced in two colors (PMS 287 blue and PMS 130 gold). However, if only one color is possible, the "Care" is converted to a screen of the color used. Ideally, one-color versions are to be reproduced in black or PMS 287 blue, but any single color is acceptable.

How should SLUCare appear in text?
"SLU" is always capitalized, and "Care" always begins with an uppercase "C". "SLUCare" is always printed as one word with no space.

Can I use the "SLUCare" portion of the logo by itself?
No. The words "Physician Group" always must appear with the logo.

What are the official SLUCare colors?
SLU blue is Pantone Matching System (PMS) 287. The gold used in the two-color logo is PMS 130.

I am a faculty member and a member of SLUCare. When do I use the SLUCare logo?
The SLUCare logo identifies the physician practice group of Saint Louis University. SLUCare participants need to consider if the logo use is for clinical purposes. For example, stationery used to address patients would be SLUCare. However, slides used to review data collected from SLUCare practices presented to colleagues at a national meeting would NOT be SLUCare and should use the University logo. Conversely, presentations used to market SLUCare services would use the SLUCare logo.

See SLUCare Physician Group Style Guide for additional details. 

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