Saint Louis University Logo Guidelines

  • The appearance of SLU logos is never modified.
  • These logos are not to be screened.
  • Type is never to be printed over these logos.
  • These logos must not be stretched or skewed.
  • Fonts included in these logos should not be substituted, stretched, condensed, etc.
  • These logos are meant to be used as designed. If they need to appear on a dark field (e.g. black), alternate versions are available from the office of University marketing and communications.

Please note: The first word in Saint Louis University is always spelled out, never abbreviated: "Saint."

In addition to these guidelines, which apply to ALL university logos, please follow the following rules when using brand-specific marks.

"Higher purpose. Greater good."

The logo is primarily an identifying element, not an art element. The logo ideally should be positioned as a closing mark. Placing the words "Saint Louis University" on the cover of a publication is preferred over using the logo. Departments should work with the office of university marketing and communications on design ideas for publication covers, page formats, etc.


The area that surrounds the logo is as important as the logo itself. The minimum area of 1 "x", known as "clear space," provides breathing room to the logo and eliminates visual clutter (text, graphic elements or other logos) that can compete with logo legibility - thereby diminishing the effectiveness of the logo.

When working in predefined or restricted space like billboards and signage, a minimum area of .5 "x" can be applied.

The University's fleur-de-lis logo can appear no smaller than .875" in height and must not be altered in relation to the wordmark below. If the space the logo is to appear in requires the fleur-de-lis logo to be smaller than .875", the mark should be run without the fleur de lis.

Deviation from these clear space requirements requires prior approval.


Saint Louis University Four-Color Logo

In addition to the above guidelines, the following items should be taken in to consideration when using the four-color Saint Louis University logo.

  • Due to the symbol's complexity, the fleur-de-lis portion of the logo cannot be reproduced smaller than 1.25 inches in height. This measurement is taken from the top to bottom of the illustration/fleur portion of the logo.
  • The words "Saint Louis University" always are set as "small caps" in the typeface "Sabon," and they always MUST appear with the logo. The one-color version of the logo is appropriate for most uses. The preferred colors are "SLU blue" (PMS 287) or black. However, any single color is acceptable. In addition, two-color (PMS 287 blue and PMS 130 gold) and four-color versions of the logo do exist and may be used when possible.
  • The University's fleur-de-lis logo is the only authorized mark representing any school/department affiliated with SLU. Do not modify it without prior permission.
  • Do not incorporate the use of alternate fleurs-de-lis designs when representing the University.

The Billiken

  • The Billiken is used primarily on materials relating to Saint Louis University athletics. However, he is available for use by the entire University community.
  • Old versions of the Billiken are never to be used.
  • The Billiken's appearance is never modified. He does not wear clothes that reflect specific groups or organizations. He also does not assume identities, personas, names or titles.
  • The Billiken does not speak. (The mascot walking around at games does not even speak.)
  • The preferred color for reproduction is PMS 287 blue.
  • The Billiken is copyrighted, and is licensed through the Collegiate Licensing Corp.

SLU Athletics

The official color of the Billiken athletics brand comes from the PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) 287 Blue. Every logo within the Billiken athletics brand is composed of one color and should never be reproduced in more than one color. Logos should only be produced in PMS 287 Blue or a similar blue whenever possible. When color is not an option, logos should be produced in black and white. Correct color separations for the official Billiken blue color are below:

  • Spot Color: PANTONE® 287
  • Process Color: Cyan 100 | Magenta 68 | Yellow 0 | Black 12
  • RGB Color: Red 0 | Green 0 | Blue 224
  • Web Color: #0000CC

The official font family of the Billiken athletics brand is Crillee Italic. Crillee Bold Italic and Extra Bold Italic may also be used.

The logos within the Billiken athletics brand can be enlarged or reduced proportionately but should NEVER be altered or modified in any way.

Whenever any of the logos within the Billiken athletics brand are being produced at small sizes, and the outlines around the words "Saint Louis" or "Billikens" or "SLU" will be lost during production, the logos can be produced without the outlines.

The words "Saint Louis Billikens" should always be used together. "Saint Louis" should never be used without "Billikens." "Saint" should always be spelled out and never abbreviated.

When using the "SLU" version of the logos, the words "Saint Louis University" or "Saint Louis Billikens" should always appear elsewhere on the application.


  • Several versions of the SLUCare logo exist. See the SLUCare Physician Group Style Guide for accepted logo uses, sizes and variations. 
  • "SLU" is always capitalized, and "Care" always begins with an uppercase "C." "SLUCare" is always printed as one word with no space.
  • The logo is not to be stretched or skewed.
  • All SLUCare display advertisements should be prepared by SLUCare marketing, and all Medical Center display advertising should be reviewed by SLUCare marketing.
  • The SLUCare logo identifies the physician practice group of Saint Louis University. It is important to clarify your participation within the SLUCare system before ordering stationery or using the logo on other materials. Thus, SLUCare participants need to consider if the logo use is for clinical purposes. For example, stationery used to address patients would be SLUCare. However, slides used to review data collected from SLUCare practices presented to colleagues at a national meeting would NOT be SLUCare and should use the University logo. Conversely, presentations used to market SLUCare services would use the SLUCare logo.


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