Saint Louis University

To reach the vision of becoming the finest Catholic university in the United States, Saint Louis University must establish and differentiate itself with one cohesive, compelling voice. That's why the words and imagery the University uses to present itself are so important.

The following are general guidelines and information about Saint Louis University's brand identity. If you have questions or need assistance developing communications about your program, please contact the Marketing & Communications Department.

"Higher purpose. Greater good."
Embodying the Jesuits' nearly 500-year history of service for the greater glory of God, the phrase "Higher purpose. Greater good." represents SLU's mission to pursue truth and serve humanity. The phrase also touches on all the things that make SLU special -  our outstanding academics, faith, service and history.

Ads featuring "Higher purpose. Greater good." began airing in November 2012. The phrase is also featured on most pages of SLU's website. This branding overarches all other campaigns, such as Be a Billiken or sub-brands within the University, such as Billiken Athletics. If you are interested in incorporating elements of the "Higher purpose. Greater good." campaign into your University marketing materials, please contact Mary Ann Grillo, director of University marketing, at (314) 977-7413 or

Logos & Stationery

Downloads, guidelines and FAQ for the following:

PowerPoint Template
Doing a presentation about Saint Louis University? Download these templates which reflect the "Higher Purpose. Greater Good." brand identity.

Higher Purpose Greater Good Powerpoint Template 1 Higher Purpose Greater Good Powerpoint Template 2
Higher Purpose Greater Good Powerpoint Template 3 Higher Purpose Greater Good Powerpoint Template 4


At fewer than 75 words, the boilerplate is the most succinct way to describe Saint Louis University.

Writing Style Guide
An A-to-Z listing of proper names around the University, frequently misspelled SLU words and more.