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Frequently Asked Questions

Must I use the complete version of the SLUCare logo that features the fleur-de-lis?
No. Alternate versions without the fleur-de-lis are perfectly acceptable. However, when using the logo with the fleur, the fleur can be no smaller than 1.25 inches.

What if I'm only printing in one color? Can I use the SLUCare logo?
Yes. Preferably, the logo should be reproduced in two colors (PMS 287 blue and PMS 130 gold). However, if only one color is possible, the "Care" is converted to a screen of the color used. Ideally, one-color versions are to be reproduced in black or PMS 287 blue, but any single color is acceptable.

Should I always italicize the word "Care" in the title?
Yes. "SLU" is always capitalized, and "Care" always begins with an uppercase "C" and appears in italics. "SLUCare" is always printed as one word with no space.

Can I use the "SLUCare" portion of the logo by itself?
No. The words "The Physicians of Saint Louis University" always must appear with the logo.

What are the official SLUCare colors?
SLU blue is Pantone Matching System (PMS) 287. The gold used in the two-color logo is PMS 130.

I am a faculty member and a member of SLUCare; when do I use the SLUCare logo?
The SLUCare logo identifies the physician practice group of Saint Louis University. SLUCare participants need to consider if the logo use is for clinical purposes. For example, stationery used to address patients would be SLUCare. However, slides used to review data collected from SLUCare practices presented to colleagues at a national meeting would NOT be SLUCare and should use the University logo. Conversely, presentations used to market SLUCare services would use the SLUCare logo.

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