Web Banner Guidelines

Each department has a default banner featuring its name and a small graphic. The web services team will work with departments to create photo banners (maximum 8 per department).

To request customized web banners for your department, go to the web banner request form.

The web banner space is 690 pixels wide by approximately 200 pixels high (height is flexible).

Photo Guidelines

  • The photos are extreme horizontals. (Portrait-oriented photos will not work.)
  • Abstract images usually work best, as opposed to photos of specific individuals.
  • Anyone who is pictured in a web banner must sign a photo release, which is available from the web marketing coordinator.
  • When the photo features one person, the subject should be as far away from the background as possible. Inside, pull them away from walls, counters and other objects. Outside, pull them away at least 20 to 30 feet or more from buildings, bushes, etc.
  • Use a telephoto lens (at least 80 mm, but 150 mm to 200 mm will soften the background more effectively).
  • Use large f-stop to minimize depth of field f/5.6 or f/8 if possible.
  • Add fill flash to light the subject's face when necessary.
  • Avoid squinting by keeping subject's face out of direct sun.
  • Early morning or late afternoon sunlight is more interesting than midday.
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