Create a Link to a Document File

Follow these steps to link to a document on a page.

  1. In the Body Copy field, click and drag to highlight the text you'd like to become the link.
  2. Click the Insert/edit link icon from the Body Copy toolbar.

    (Or just right-click and choose Insert/edit link.)
  3. Under Link to, choose Document.
  4. Click Browse (at the end of the empty Document field) to find your document.
  5. Click once on the document that you want to link to. Click OK.
    NOTE: If your document name contains any spaces, your link will not work. If you see spaces, you must save the file under a different name on your computer and then upload it to the server again before inserting it into your page.
  6. In the Target field, choose "Open in a new window" so that the document opens in a new browser window when a user clicks on the link.
    NOTE: You should always do this for links to pages outside of your own site so that users will again see your site when they finish with the linked page or site and close the browser window.
  7. Click Insert.
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