Create a New Page

Please note: Only certain users have permission to create pages in the CMS. If you attempt to create a page using the directions that follow and you cannot, please ask your CMS administrator or submit a question to the CMS Help Request Form to check your CMS permissions.

  1. In the Site Tree, select the folder where you want the page to appear, and then click the New button in the top toolbar, then click Page. (You also may right-click on the folder, and choose New and then Page.)

  2. In the pop-up window, enter a name for the page. (This name will appear in the Site Tree once the page is created.)
  3. In the Select Type drop-down list, you will see the option for page types (also called "schemas"). Select "Detail"; as it provides a basic template for a standard SLU page. 
  4. Click Create.
  5. In each field on the page, select the appropriate item for your area or group. you can view your existing pages to verify the selections your page requires.
  6. When all the required fields are completed, you may check in the page.
  7. Before you can publish the new page, please Mark For Publish by clicking Mark/Unmark For Publish and clicking the check box.
  8. Move the page to the desired location within the folder by clicking on the page name in the Site Tree and dragging that item.
  9. Publish the page parent and all children.
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