Insert an Image in the Body Copy Field

Follow these steps to insert an image on a page.

  1. In the Body Copy field, place your cursor where you want the image to appear.
  2. Click the Insert/edit image button in the Body Copy toolbar.

    You also can right-click and choose "Insert/edit image" from the pop-up menu. The Image Properties window will pop up.
  3. Click Browse (at the end of the empty Image URL field) to open the Ingeniux CMS Image Browser. (This may take a moment or two while the thumbnails load.)
  4. One the left side of the Image Browser window, select the folder where you uploaded your image. Browse to find your image, and click on it to select it. Hit the Select button at the bottom of the Image Browser.
  5. When you're back in the Insert/edit image window, enter a description of the image in the Image description field. This text will display when your mouse hovers over an image. The text also will show instead of your image in all text-only browsers, to provide an aural equivalent to users who cannot see the visual. NOTE: Accessibility laws and SLU minimum standards require this!
  6. On the Appearance tab, you may select your preferred alignment from the Alignment field drop-down menu. If you want a border around the image, change the value in the Border field (in pixels). To create space between surrounding text and your image, change the Padding values in the Horizontal and Vertical fields to your preferred spacing (in pixels).
  7. Click Insert.
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