Saint Louis University

These tutorials cover topics specific to using the web content management system (CMS) at SLU. 

General questions? If you have questions that are not covered in these SLU-specific tutorials, you may find valuable information in the Ingeniux software by using the Help button located in the top toolbar (next to the "Go To" box).

5 Things to Remember About the CMS

  1. Your CMS username is your SLU Net ID. Your password is the same one you use to log in to Windows and mySLU.
  2. The CMS is like the library. You check out the page to use it (write new content, edit old content, etc.) and check in the page when you're finished with it.

    Please note: Checking in a page tells the CMS that that page is ready to be made live. If you're editing a page and have to stop for some reason, do NOT check in the page; leave it checked out and return to it later. 

  3. Images and documents that you want to upload cannot have spaces in their filenames.
  4. Pages must be marked for publish in order to be published and go live.
  5. Publishing isn't immediate. Check the Publish Monitor to know when to expect your newly published pages to be displayed on the live website.