Web Services for Individual Faculty

If you're an individual faculty member who wants to create a site about your work, the University suggests the following services. If you're looking to host class content and manage classroom activities, use SLU Global (Blackboard).

Google Sites

The Google Sites templates yield great-looking sites with minimal technical skill or effort. Google Sites is well documented, with user-friendly online help and tutorials. Google Sites also has some very advanced modules that can be added -- embedding calendars, spreadsheets and photo albums into pages -- all with a little technical savvy.

Learn more about Google Sites.

Personal Web Space

If you need the flexibility of being able to use HTML or more advanced and customized technology, ITS will set aside space on the web server for you.

The method for creating sites can vary widely, and although ITS provides technical support in getting pages uploaded to the web server, ITS and University Marketing and Communications cannot provide support in page design and layout.

To get started: Contact ITS at 977-4000 or helpdesk@slu.edu, and let them know how you wish to use the site. Depending on your needs, ITS may recommend using a shared web space for your group, organization or research lab, or an individual site for just you.

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