Web Writing Guidelines

The success of your website depends upon people completing tasks, and online readers tend to be impatient. With that in mind...
  • Keep it simple. Less is more!
  • Make headlines clear, not necessarily clever. Use short, simple and direct words -- keywords that someone might search for.
  • Use key messages in the first sentence of every paragraph, and key words in the first part of every sentence. (For example, don't say "Study finds... ." Lead with the finding so search engines will pull that up first.)
  • For longer stories, include sub-heads with anchor tags.
  • Use bullet points or create numbered lists when possible. Users scan web pages and will notice bulleted and numbered items.
  • Always have another person review your work before you put it online.

Some information provided by Gerry McGovern, author and consultant, and Robert E. Johnson, senior VP of Creative Communication of America.

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