Mission and Goals



To provide undergraduates with a foundational understanding of and appreciation for the ways that studies in the Humanities can ultimately enrich one's capacity to deliver quality health care.



Goals of the Minor in Medical Humanities

  • To provide students with a recognition of the humanistic and cultural dimensions of health care and health care systems.
  • To promote an inquiry into the foundational values of medicine.
  • To provide students with a clarification of the values that underlie the experience of illness and care.
  • To promote an improved understanding of the ways that meanings of illness and health are historically and culturally constructed, and to promote a recognition of the treatment implications of this constructedness.
  • To cultivate interpretive and narrative competence and to develop an appreciation for the crucial role such competence plays in health care delivery.
  • To recognize the ways that aspirations of Medical Humanities resonate deeply with the aims enunciated in the Five Dimensions of Saint Louis University Education.
  • To familiarize students with and cultivate the Core Competencies of medical education as designated by the Association of American Medical Colleges, as appropriate to an undergraduate curriculum.
  • To foster students' insights about prospects of research as clarified by the inquiries made in Medical Humanities.
  • To complete an optional internship in a medical setting.
  • To complete a substantial research paper as part of a capstone requirement and to present this paper in a public forum on campus.

Five Dimension of the Saint Louis University Experience

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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