Additional Program Requirements and Fees

Criminal Background Check Drug Screen Respiratory Fit Test Two Step Tb/PPD Screening Annual Flu Shot Poster Fee
$105 $70 $10 $28 each $50 $25-35


Criminal Background Check

2015 fees: $105.00
A majority of the Doisy College of Health Science's learning experience facilities mandate that criminal background checks be performed on all persons having any opportunity for patient/client interaction. This includes employees and volunteers, as well as students. A CBC revealing a charge and/or conviction for certain crimes could result in a ban from participation in learning experiences and thus prevent graduation. Therefore, every student in the Doisy College of Health Sciences whose academic program requires her/him to participate in learning experiences in an affiliate facility will be required to undergo the level of CBC required by their major department and/or the affiliate facility.

The Office of Clinical Education Compliance has a detailed policy that outlines the procedure for obtaining a CBC through the University. Please refer to the Office of Clinical Education Compliance or your department for a copy of this policy.

The timing of a CBC will be in concert with the student's program/department or affiliate facility policies. A single negative check does NOT preclude the requirement of additional checks at a future time. Students should be aware that any affirmative results from a CBC could restrict ability to participate in a learning experience and therefore restrict ability to complete degree requirements. In addition, the lack of an acceptable report on a CBC could bar the student from sitting for licensure examinations and thus from practice in certain professions.

In the event that a student's CBC is reported "affirmatively" the student will have the opportunity to contest the report by requesting an additional CBC. In the event that an Affirmative CBC is confirmed, the compliance officer will notify the designated program/department official and the student.

Drug Screen
2015 Fees: $70.00

A pre-placement drug screen is required for accreditation standards in the affiliated hospitals in which University faculty and staff work. To comply with these standards and federal regulations, Saint Louis University will require that a pre-placement drug screen occur for students in clinical placement where there will be occupational activities in a University affiliated hospital, clinical site, direct patient contact, or employment.

The student will be advised of the pre-placement drug screen requirement prior to beginning the program. The candidate will be provided with instructions for scheduling the drug screen in Student Health.

If the candidate satisfactorily completes the drug screen, and it is negative, Student Health will notify the Program Director.

Candidates who have a positive drug screen are interviewed by an independent Medical Review Officer who determines if there is a legitimate reason for the presence of a controlled substance. The results of this interview are provided to Student Health and made available to the program.

In the event of a positive result, the Program Director and student will be notified of the positive drug screen. The student will be counseled, and further action regarding the student's enrollment in the program will be considered. The student will be advised that a positive test may result in immediate dismissal from the program.

Other required immunizations/screenings required for clinical placement:

Respiratory Fit Test
Provided at SLU Student Health
2015 fees: $10.00

Two Step Tb/PPD Screening
Provided at SLU Student Health
2015 fees: $28.00 each

Annual Flu Shot
Provided at SLU Student Health
2015 fees: $50.00

Poster Printing
Provided at SLU Instructional Media Center 2013 fees: $25.00-$35.00
Students are required to prepare and present a research poster as part of their coursework. Students must pay for the cost of printing this poster which is provided at the SLU Instructional Media Center

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