Program Goals MRI

Programmatic Mission:

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program at the Saint Louis University Doisy College of Health Sciences is dedicated to preparing liberally educated, competent, caring and socially responsible Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists, committed to clinical and scholarly excellence.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program Goals:

  • Goal A: Students will be clinically competent
    1. Students will appropriately use, record, and verify patient data
    2. Students will position patients as directed
    3. Students will use the proper imaging sequences
    4. Students practice proper MRI and patient safety
  • Goal B: The students will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills
    1. Students will complete imaging procedures, explaining steps in detail
    2. Students will present case studies and MRI final capstone project.
  • Goal C: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills
    1. The student will appropriately communicate with patients
    2. The student will demonstrate appropriate written communication
    3. The student will demonstrate proper presentations skills
  • Goal D: Students will demonstrate professional growth and development
    1. The student will demonstrate professional behaviors
    2. The student will have knowledge of ethical behaviors
    3. Students will demonstrate professional growth through critical thinking
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