Saint Louis University

We are the only magnetic resonance imaging program in the St. Louis area to offer a Baccalaureate of Science degree. The program provides an opportunity to interact with other students majoring in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant education, occupational therapy, health information management, nutrition and dietetics, and clinical laboratory science.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program utilizes expert full-time and adjunct faculty including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, physicists, MRI technologists, health care managers, computer science professionals, and other experienced professionals.

The program strives to produce graduates that will excel in their professional field. We provide the development and knowledge that will allow the student to pursue a variety of paths when they enter the workforce. Students receive premier clinical experiences at the finest hospitals in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area.

The curriculum supports the entry-level responsibilities expected of a new graduate. Graduates are qualified to accept positions in hospitals, industry, sales, marketing, clinical application training, research, and education.

We have faculty and staff who are strongly committed to the students, their educational experience, the profession, and the overall success of the program. The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapeutics at Saint Louis University has garnered respect in the medical community for the quality of our graduates and enjoys strong support from its respected alumni. In addition, the faculty bring guest lecturers and representatives from a diverse network of healthcare and commercial companies, providing unique experiences and opportunities for induction into the professional community.