Careers in NMT

Our graduates benefit from the program's proven success rate. The curriculum supports the entry-level responsibilities expected of a new graduate. Graduates of the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program are known as Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologists. As a member of the health care profession, these individuals are qualified for entry-level positions in hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, educational facilities, regulatory agencies, and commercial sites. Nuclear medicine also provides an excellent pre-med curriculum. About 20% of graduates proceed to graduate school.

What does a Nuclear Medicine Technologist do?

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and administer radioactive chemical compounds, known as radio-pharmaceuticals
  • Perform patient imaging procedures using sophisticated radiation-detecting instrumentation
  • Accomplish computer processing and image enhancement
  • Analyze biologic specimens in the laboratory
  • Provide images, data analysis, and patient information to the physician for diagnostic interpretation

Where will I work?

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Research laboratories
  • Educational facilities
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Commercial sites


Quick Facts

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Tyler Crews Nuclear Medicine Alumni

Tyler Crews
Class of '09

I graduated from SLU in 2009 with my B.S. in NMT. After attending SLU I attended dental school at Southern Illinois University, School of Dental Medicine, from which I graduated in 2013. The didactic curriculum for the NMT program helped me to have a profound understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as certain pathologies that helped me tremendously during my courses in dental school. Most importantly, my experiences with patients during my NMT clinical rotations was most beneficial in that I was able to develop great clinical communication skills and confidence before I treated patients as a dental student. I am currently furthering my education in an AEGD residency and will complete a dental implant fellowship in August of 2015.

Eric Hooper Nuclear Medicine Technology Alumni

Eric Hooper
Class of '05

I am currently a Radiation Safety Officer and Radiation Physicist for MultiCare Health System in Tacoma, WA. I provide radiation safety oversight and medical physics services for both diagnostic imaging and radiation therapeutics. As a student in the Nuclear Medicine Technology program, I had the opportunity to work with dedicated and experienced instructors and clinicians who cared about my success. My instructors and classmates both challenged and encouraged me as I established basic knowledge, applied skills and concepts, and worked towards clinical decision-making. I found the clinical internship experiences to be valuable applications of the didactic coursework and provided me with professional relationships that have been essential for growth and career development."

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