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Faculty Affairs Commitee

Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) recommends faculty to serve on all standing committees of the School of Medicine or other University committees.

The FAC is a nominating committee for those committees requiring general faculty elections, such as the Executive Committee of the Medical School, the Faculty Senate, Secretary of the Faculty, Faculty Assembly, and the Faculty Affairs Committee itself.

The committee recommends the formation of additional standing committees, as deemed appropriate by changes in the conduct or climate of medical education, biomedical research and clinical practice. It also makes specific recommendations to the dean regarding the name, function, composition and service tenure of members on such new committees.

The dean of the medical school can request the committee provide the names of candidates for appointments by the dean to committees when necessary.

The FAC serves as a resource for information concerning fellowships and awards. It is active in the identification of candidates for awards and honors and in the application process of such awards and honors. The committee is concerned with fostering the environment of scholarship. It receives the grievances of individual faculty members, which are handled by complying with University procedures as outlined in the faculty manual.

The committee formally reviews the faculty bylaws every three years or as necessary and, on review, recommends such changes the committee deems appropriate to the faculty. Recommended revisions to the faculty bylaws are put to the general faculty by the Committee on Faculty Affairs for voting.

The FAC also serves as an advisory committee to the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development and, as such, adopts charges assigned to it by the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professonial Development.

Summary of FAC Charges

  • Make recommendations to the dean in faculty composition of standing committees
  • Nominate faculty for elections for Faculty Senate, Executive Committee of the School of Medicine Faculty and the Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Identify faculty for nomination for awards and honors
  • Review and, when appropriate, propose amendments to the faculty bylaws

FAC Members

Richard DiPaolo, Ph.D.
Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee 
Associate professor molecular microbiology and immunology

Nandini Calamur, M.D.
Associate professor, Department of Pediatrics

Hiral Choksi, M.D.
Section chief of hospital medicine, Saint Louis University Hospital

Terrance M. Egan, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacological and Physiological Science

Miguel Guzman, M.D.
Assistant professor, Department of Pathology

Denise Hooks-Anderson, M.D.
Assistant professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Abhay Laddu, M.D. 
Assistant professor, Center for Cardiovascular Care

Ex-Officio Members

Jane McHowat, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Pathology
Associate dean for Faculty Affairs and Development

Jacki Kornbluth, Ph.D.
Department of Pathology