Saint Louis University

The Admissions Process
Saint Louis University School of Medicine encourages application from students who have achieved a high level of academic performance and who manifest in their personal lives those human qualities compatible with a career of service to society. The University's mission statement affirms the value of a diverse educational environment to prepare students for life and work in a global society. To foster this mission, the School of Medicine strives to recruit, admit, retain, and graduate a diverse student body. Besides ethnicity, this diversity encompasses differences based on gender, culture, and economic circumstances.

Academic Requirements
Specific academic requirements include a minimum of 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours) in undergraduate arts and science courses. Virtually all accepted applicants complete a baccalaureate degree of at least 120 semester hours (180 quarter hours) from an accredited college or university. In all cases the Committee on Admissions is more concerned with the quality of the applicant's education than with the number of hours or years of pre-medical training. Students who have received their education in a foreign school must complete at least one academic year of science course work in an accredited North American college or university prior to making application.

Course Requirements for Admission
Subject Semester Hours

General Biology or Zoology 8*
Inorganic Chemistry 8*
Organic Chemistry 8*
Physics 8*
English 6
Other Humanities
and Behavioral Sciences 12
*A laboratory course is required in these sciences.

The Committee usually recognizes undergraduate credit given for courses on the basis of advanced placement when this is indicated on the college transcript. However, for the specific minimum requirements given above, advanced placement credits are not generally acceptable. Since contemporary medical studies include the study of health and disease at the sub-cellular and molecular level, the study of Biochemistry or Cellular Biology is highly recommended, though not required. Biochemistry may be taken in place of one semester of Organic Chemistry.

Applicants are expected to have pursued one area of knowledge or discipline in depth. The Committee on Admissions does not favor any specific major in its decisions. Suitable major areas include the Behavioral Sciences and Humanities as well as the Natural Sciences. Those majoring in the Behavioral Sciences and Humanities must demonstrate good performance in the Natural Sciences; those majoring in the Natural Sciences must, in turn, demonstrate a broad exposure to the Humanities. Courses intended to satisfy basic requirements and completed online will not be considered.

Admission is possible only at the beginning of the academic year. There are no regional preferences, and applications from well-qualified students are seriously considered regardless of their state of origin or citizenship. The qualifications of applicants are evaluated without discrimination in regard to financial status, age, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. Persons who have previously earned a medical degree whether in this country or abroad are not eligible to apply. Some additional consideration is given to qualified students from Saint Louis University and to the qualified sons and daughters of this School of Medicine's alumni.

All completed applications are evaluated by the Committee on Admissions. It is not possible to provide places for all qualified applicants, but failure to be accepted is not necessarily an indication that a student is unsuited for a medical career. The candidates accepted for entry in August 2017 had the following average academic credentials:

Grade Point Average (4.0 = A)
Overall GPA 3.86
Science - Math GPA 3.83
CPBS 128.51
CARS: 127.32
BBFL: 128.33
PSBB: 128.20
Total Mean Score: 512.36
Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
Verbal Reasoning 10.35
Physical Sciences 11.80
Biological Sciences 11.45
Total Mean Score 33.60

Apart from these academic characteristics, the Committee recognizes a responsibility to consider applicants as individuals, particularly in the evaluation of the breadth of their educational experience, their personality traits, maturity level, and appropriate motivation and commitment to a career in medicine.

The Committee will seriously consider applicants enrolled in graduate programs granting the Master or Doctoral degree only if degree requirements are scheduled to be completed during the year of application and prior to enrollment in medical school, or if recommended by their graduate faculty mentor. Other graduate students must withdraw from their graduate program prior to making application.

Applicants applying more than three times are not encouraged to apply unless significant changes have been made to your application that would merit Committee review. Students who have failed or have been terminated for any reason at another medical school are not eligible to apply.