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Thank you for your interest in Saint Louis University School of Medicine. We hope that the information presented here will answer your questions about our educational programs. If you require further information, please contact the staff in the Admissions Office.

Our medical school faculty are committed to teaching both the science and the art of medicine. Throughout the four-year medical curriculum they integrate the basic and clinical sciences through an organ system approach to medical education. Didactic settings are quite varied and include small group activities, computer-based instruction, and case-based tutorials. Students may also practice their skills in the School's Clinical Skills Center where they have the opportunity to interact with trained standardized patients and practice selected clinical procedures on simulated models and mannequins before participating in the care of actual patients.

During third and fourth year clinical rotations, students continue developing their diagnostic and treatment competencies in a variety of supervised inpatient and outpatient settings. Every aspect of the curriculum encourages independent inquiry while introducing students to an array of skills necessary for a lifetime of critical evaluation and learning.

Best wishes as you pursue your career in medicine.

Dr. Willmore Dean of Admissions

L. James Willmore, M.D.
Chair of the Committee on Admissions
Associate Dean
Admissions and Student Affairs
Professor of Neurology and Pharmacology and Physiology

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