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Student Lead Coordinators

The Saint Louis University is primarily managed by students at the School of Medicine under the advisement of our physician faculty.


  • Mark Cubillan
  • Tobias Squier-Roper
  • Blake Tidwell

Clinic Managers  

  • Eniola Gros
    Student education coordinator 
  • Maggie Case and Kaitlin Mar
    Patient affairs coordinator
  • David Cheung
    Phlebotomy coordinator
  • Sam Yu
    Phlebotomy coordinator
  • Brandon Ryvkin
    Physician scheduling coordinators
  • Jennifer Sun
    Physician scheduling coordinators
  • Briona Butcher
    Community outreach coordinator
  • Kate Walter
    Community outreach coordinator 
  • Kerri Lenihan
    Interprofessional coordinator
  • Aboubacar Kaba
    Operations coordinator


  • Matthew Bell
    Fundraising coordinator