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Our commitment to educational excellence is evident by the vision, development and implementation of the Simulation Lab. The Lab integrates the latest advances in technology with the curriculum for advanced medical training. It is comprised of the Patient Simulator Laboratory, featuring the Human Patient Simulator (HPS TM) and the Difficult Airway Management Laboratory.


Medical Education Technology Inc. (METI) Human Patient Simulator

The HPS is METI's top-of-the-line, fully automatic, high-fidelity patient simulator specifically designed for training in anesthesia, respiratory and critical care.


What differentiates the HPS from any other simulator available on the market today, is its high level of automatic and enhanced features. The HPS is the only patient simulator with the ability to provide respiratory gas exchange, anesthesia delivery, and patient monitoring with real physiological clinical monitors.

HPS Key Features:

  1. Pupils that automatically dilate and constrict in response to light for neurological assessment

  2. Realistic airway, breakaway teeth

  3. Trachea with realistic anatomical landmarks

  4. Breath sounds and heart sounds

  5. Automatic recognition and response to administered drugs and drug dosages

  6. Variable lung compliance and airways resistance

  7. Automatic response to needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax, chest tube drainage and pericardiocentesis

  8. Automatic control of urine output

  9. Thumb twitch in response to a peripheral nerve stimulator

The Simulation Lab provides a realistic, safe learning environment for students, clinicians and healthcare professionals at all levels of practice. Highly sophisticated technology supports the "hands on" practicing and perfecting of medical diagnostics and skills training. Its resources are being aggressively integrated into the resident and medical student curriculum as well as incorporated into the educational training of healthcare professionals from multidisciplinary specialties.

Residents in simulation and The Difficult Airway Management Laboratory



Faculty, residents and medical students use our Difficult Airway Lab to practice and perfect their knowledge and skills of airway management.

For questions or additional information contact:

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Wesley Burch

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