Saint Louis University

Welcome to Year 3 and the continuation of the Core Clinical phase of your medical education. Year 3 marks the beginning of your full time clinical experience and includes most of your required clerkships. You will also begin Phase 4 of our curriculum, the Pre-Residency phase during Year 3.

Every student will complete the following courses as part of the Core Clinical phase in years 2 and 3:

• FCM-301 -  Family and Community Medicine
• IM-301 -  Internal Medicine
• N-301 -  Neurology
• OB-301 - Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health
• PED-301 -  Pediatrics
• PS-301 - Psychiatry
• S-301 - Surgery

In addition to the core clerkships, every student will participate in FCM-430, Inter-professional Team Seminars. This course brings together students from the schools of medicine, nursing, health sciences, and social work to address key topics in health care that require effective inter-professional communication and teamwork.

The Pre-Residency phase, which begins at the end of the seven required clerkships, is where you will begin to explore areas of specialization in medicine, through electives, subinternships, ambulatory medicine and emergency medicine rotations.

Each required clerkship has its own Google site (just as your first and second-year courses) and the links are provided in the menu on the left. You are strongly encouraged to review the content of the clerkship sites for materials and information needed to be successful in this phase of your education. The first day of each clerkship includes an orientation to the course.
Each clerkship has an education coordinator, who will manage your schedule while in their clerkship, assign faculty and residents to evaluate your performance, and will serve as your primary contact for all administrative issues related to the clerkship. Be sure to introduce yourself to them.

Clerkship Director(s) and Coordinators

Kimberly Zoberi, MD and Kelly Everard, PhD

Education Coordinator
Sally Bowles; 977-8480

H. Douglas Walden, MD and Nora Porter, MD

Education Coordinator
Madeleine Rowe, FDT, 12th floor south; 577-6139

Sean Goretzke, MD

Education Coordinator
Healther Frohbieter, Monteleone Hall, Room 118; 977-4830

Michael Thomure, MD and Becky Lynn, MD, FACOG

Education Coordinator
Amanda Barnard, St. Mary's Health Center; 781-1515 ext. 2

Jamie Sutherell, MD
Marta King, MD

Education Coordinator
Regina Leeders, Cardinal Glennon, Room 1204; 577-5369

Lauren Schwarz, PhD, ABPP-CN

Education Coordinator
Heather Frohbieter, Monteleone Hall, Room 118; 977-4830

Harvey Solomon, MD, FACS and Michael Williams. MD

Education Coordinator
Janie Henderson, FDT 3rd Floor; 577-8317 ext. 3

Year 3 and Year 4 Coordinator
Laura Willingham, Office of Curricular Affairs, LRC 101; 314-977-4158