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Year Two Welcome

Welcome to the second year of medical school. The Core Knowledge phase of the curriculum continues its focus on organ systems in health and disease. This year also expands your training in the skills of medical history taking and physical diagnosis, and introduces you to some aspects of the broader environment in which medicine is practiced.

The Core Knowledge phase continues in Year 2 with the following courses:

• Clincial Diagnosis
• CARD-200 Cardiovascular System
• DD-200 Death and Dying
• ENDR-200 Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
• GI-200 Gastrointestinal System
• RENL-200 Renal-Urinary System
• RESP-200 Respiratory System
• SBJ-200 Skin, Bone, and Joint

In addition to these courses, you will have the opportunity to explore your specific interests through two electives of your choosing. These electives, which run throughout most of the academic year, are very diverse and could include exposure to basic science research, clinical research, shadowing physicians, or other activities.

While still in Year 2 of medical school, you will begin your clinical clerkships in Phase 3 of the curriculum: the Core Clinical phase. The order of your clerkships will be determined by lottery, but every student will complete the following courses as part of the Core Clinical phase in years 2 and 3:

• FCM-301 Family and Community Medicine
• IM-301 Internal Medicine
• N-301 Neurology
• OB-301 Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health
• PED-301 Pediatrics
• PS-301 Psychiatry
• S-301 Surgery

All the best and welcome!

Debbie Crisler, Phase 2 Coordinator
Office of Curricular Affairs, LRC 101 977-8074

Paul Schmitz, MD
Professor, Internal Medicine
Director, Phase 2

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