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Committee MembersPhone || Email
E. Stephen Bolesta, M.D
Associate Professor of Pathology
Fred R. Buckhold  MD
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Jinsong Zhang,PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology
Christine Hachem MD
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Andrew J. Lechner PhD
Professor of Pharmacol & Physiol Science
Jane McHowat PhD
Professor of Pathology
Preeti Dalawari, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
Division of Emergency Medicine


The purpose of the Faculty Assembly is to enable the faculty to participate in the shared governance of the School of Medicine in an advisory capacity to the Dean as specified in the Faculty Manual.  The goal of the Faculty Assembly is to strengthen the mission of the School of Medicine.

The Faculty Assembly shall carry out its obligations through a determination of the 'sense of the faculty' on issues regarding the policies of the School of Medicine and the communication thereof to the Dean and Executive Committee of the School of Medicine, and to the Faculty Senate, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the President of Saint Louis University, whenever appropriate.

The proceedings of the Faculty Assembly shall be conducted through open meetings, email and via a website. The Faculty Assembly may be convened by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Assembly:  1) as deemed necessary by a majority of the Executive Committee, 2) on request to the President of the Faculty Assembly by the Dean of the School of Medicine, or 3) on written petition signed by 15 members of the Faculty Assembly.

Agenda items for discussion either on the website, via email or at meetings shall be determined by the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee shall consider all items brought to their attention by members of the Faculty Assembly at least two weeks prior to discussion.


Please feel free to submit concerns, agenda items through the Faculty Assembly contact form.

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