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1.1 Numbering of Policy & Procedure Memoranda

SECTION Organization NO. 1.1
CHAPTER Numbering of Policy and Procedure Memoranda DATE ISSUED DATE REVISED

07/01/95 10/01/08

I. Policy

Policy and Procedure Memoranda will be numbered in accord with the section and chapter headings.

II. Purpose

To establish an outline and numbering system for tabulating Policy and Procedure Memoranda.

III. Procedure

Policy and Procedure Memoranda will be numbered according to the following outline:

1.0 Organization
1.1 Numbering of Policy and Procedure Memoranda
1.2 Purpose of Policy and Procedure Memoranda
1.3 Committees
1.31 Committees-School of Medicine
1.311 Committee on Admissions
1.312 Student Progress and Program Planning Committee
1.314 Committee on Faculty Affairs
1.315 Executive Committee of the Faculty
1.316 Credentials Committee
1.317 Academic/Sabbatical Leave Committee
1.318 Dean's Planning Advisory Committee
1.319 Graduate Medical Education Committee
1.320 Research Planning Committee
1.321 Curriculum Management Committee
1.322 Curriculum Oversight Committee
1.323 Continuing Medical Education Committee

2.0 Academic Affairs
2.1 Faculty
2.11 Commercial Endorsement of Products
2.13 Faculty Evaluation Process
2.14 Coverage of Clinical Responsibilities Throughout the Calendar Year
2.16 Solicitation of Funds
2.17 Developmental Leave

2.2 Research
2.21 Research Publicity
2.22 Visiting Academic Scientists
2.3 Department
2.31 Departmental Review Process
2.32 Chairperson Search
2.33 Space Allocation

3.0 Financial and Fiscal Procedures
3.1 International Travel
3.2 Meal Expenses
3.211 Local Meal Expenses
3.3 Requesting Prior Approval for Functions
3.4 Purchase of Hand Held Computers

4.0 Risk Management
4.1 Reporting Professional Liability Activity
4.2 Extension of the Health Professional Letter of Indemnity

5.0 Facilities Services
5.1 Lock and Key Procedure

Approved: Philip O. Alderson, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine

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