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1.312 Student Progress & Program Planning Committee

SECTION Organization NO. 1.312
CHAPTER Committees--School of Medicine DATE ISSUED
SUBJECT Student Progress and Program Planning


  1. Policy
    The School of Medicine shall establish a Committee on Student Progress and Program Planning to concern itself with the advancement of students towards graduation and their retention in the student body.
  2. Purpose
    To assess the progress of and recommend programs for individual students to meet the criteria for advancement towards graduation and make recommendations regarding dismissal or continued retention within the student body. The Committee shall report such deliberations and recommendations to the Dean and to the Executive Committee of the Faculty.
  3. Procedure
    1. The Committee shall receive the reports of the course directors, interview those students who wish to modify their course of study or whose progress indicates need for a change in course of study, review the details in executive session, and prepare recommendations for the Executive Committee of the Faculty to be reported by the Committee Chairperson. Reports to the Executive Committee of the Faculty will be made at such time during the academic year as deemed necessary in the best interests of the student and the School of Medicine.
    2. The Committee shall consist of at least seven members of the faculty, none of whom is a department chairperson. Insofar as possible, membership on the Committee should reflect an equal distribution between Basic and Clinical Science faculty who have knowledge of the student body through active participation in instruction. Members shall be appointed to the Committee by the Dean and shall normally serve for a term of six years. The Chairperson of the Committee shall be appointed by the Dean. Ex officio members (non-voting) shall include the Associate Dean for Admissions and Students, the Associate Dean for Curriculum, the Assistant Dean for Pre-Clinical Students and the Assistant Dean for Students. The Associate Dean for Curriculum shall maintain records, reports, and minutes of the Committee meetings.
    3. The Committee shall meet at those times during the academic year most appropriate to review the promotion of students and to consider special problems of individual students. The Chairperson shall preside and shall report to the Executive Committee and to the Dean as appropriate. Meetings may be called at the request of the Chairperson, the Secretary of the committee, the Dean, or four members of the committee.
  4. Reference
    Constitution and By-laws of the School of Medicine
    Membership List
  5. Rescission
  6. Review Date Reviewed annually and revised when necessary and appropriate.

Approved: Philip O. Alderson, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine

Student Progress and Program Planning Committee Membership List (2015-2016)




William T. Manard, M.D.  Committee Chairperson

Family and Community Medicine


Amy B. Harkins, Ph.D.

Pharmacology and Physiology


Raman Malhotra, M.D.

Neurology & Psychiatry


John R. Martin III, Ph.D.

Center for Anatomical Science and Education


Marta A. King, M.D.



Ryan M. Teague, Ph.D.

Molecular Microbiology and Immunology


Katrina R. Wade, M.D.




*   Indicates reappointment for additional term.  Terms are six years.

Ex Officio

William C. Mootz, M.D.
Assistant Dean, Curricular Affairs and Academic Records

Michael T. Railey, M.D.
Associate Dean, Multicultural Affairs

Stuart J. Slavin, M.D.
Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs

Gregory S. Smith, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

L. James Willmore, M.D.
Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs








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