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1.323 Continuing Medical Education Committee

SECTION Organization NO. 1.323
CHAPTER Committees--School of Medicine DATE ISSUED
SUBJECT Committee on Continuing Medical Education
  1. Policy
    The School of Medicine shall have a Committee on Continuing Medical Education (CME Advisory Committee) to advise the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Department regarding policies and issues affecting the general operation of the overall continuing medical education program.
  2. Purpose
    The purpose of the CME Advisory Committee is to advise and make recommendations to the CME Department on the following:
    1. Policies for the operation of CME programs in compliance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.
    2. Evaluation of the overall CME program at regularly scheduled intervals
    3. The effectiveness of the administrative aspects of the CME Department
    4. Strategic plan for the Department
  3. Procedure
    1. The Dean of the School of Medicine, with the recommendations of the Committee on Faculty Affairs, shall appoint members of the CME Advisory Committee.
    2. The Chair of the CME Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the Dean, in addition to the members of the Advisory Committee.
    3. Membership Composition
      1. Voting members shall include primarily physician faculty members representative of School of Medicine departments, divisions and programs actively conducting CME activities. Representation from other departments or services within the university may be recommended by the Director of Continuing Medical Education, the Associate Dean for CME and/or the CME Committee membership, including physicians or staff of the University Medical Group, Quality Assurance, Hospital Administration, and Outreach Administration.
      2. Non-voting members may include representatives from the Office of the General Counsel, community physicians, and industry representatives, as needed.
      3. Key personnel from the CME Department shall also participate in all meetings, but will not hold a voting position on the committee.
    4. The Chairman of the Continuing Medical Education Committee shall call meetings at least quarterly from September to June and upon call.
    5. Urgent issues requiring immediate response by the committee may be disseminated by electronic mechanisms.
    6. A minimum of 50% of voting members shall represent a quorum, and must respond to proposals requiring action.
    7. The Department of Continuing Medical Education shall provide secretarial support.
    8. An annual report shall be provided to the Dean of the School of Medicine, and the Director of Continuing Medical Education shall present a report annually to the Executive Committee of the Faculty.
    9. Failure to attend at least 3 consecutive meetings will invoke an inquiry into the status of a member's position on the committee.
    10. The term of appointment shall be 3 years. Members may serve up to two consecutive terms.
  4. Reference
    Constitution and By-laws of the School of Medicine
    Membership List
  5. Rescission
  6. Review Date
    Reviewed annually and revised when necessary and appropriate.

Approved: Philip O. Alderson, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine 

Continuing Medical Education Committee Membership List (2015-2016 

L. James Willmore, M.D., Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs
Committee Chairperson  




Hosea Bartlett

SLUH - Physician Relationship Manager


Marla L. Berg-Weger, Ph.D.

School of Social Work - Instruction


Samer K. Elbabaa, M.D.



Randall C. Edgell, M.D.



Jeremy S. Garrett, M.D.



Pamela J. Huggins, MSW,


School of Social Work - Instruction


Raman Malhotra, M.D.



Michael J. Ross, Ph.D.



John Martin, Ph.D.

Center for Anatomical Science and Education


Cathi M. Slinkard, RN, BSN

School of Nursing



*   Indicates reappointment for additional term.

Ex Officio

Tammi Mooshegian 
Program Director


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