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2.31 Departmental Review Process

SECTION Academic Affairs NO. 2.31
SUBJECT Departmental Analysis and Evaluation Process

I. Policy

In accord with University policy, the School of Medicine has established a formal departmental analysis and evaluation process for the School’s academic departments.

II. Purpose

To assess a department’s performance and needs in the areas of education, research and clinical service (as appropriate), faculty, space and other resources. After acceptance by the dean, the department’s Academic Plan serves as a five-year strategic plan for the evaluated department.

III. Procedure

A. The Department Analysis and Evaluation Schedule is maintained in the Office of Planning and Operations. No more than five departments are evaluated annually. The entire analysis and evaluation cycle takes approximately five years. After completion of the first cycle, the second cycle commences. (Appendix A and B)

B. The dean initiates the analysis and evaluation process through a formal letter of notification sent to the department chairperson. In the letter the dean asks the chairperson to prepare a five-year Academic Plan and Resource Document. (Appendix C) The dean also appoints an Internal Analysis and Evaluation Committee. Administrative support is from the Office of Planning and Operations.

C. After receiving the department’s Academic Plan and Resource Document, the Internal Analysis and Evaluation Committee meets to begin their evaluation of the department. Their work is summarized in a written report and provided to the dean prior to the site visit of the external consultants.

D. Two external consultants conduct a site visit. The consultants are expected to provide a broader perspective and identify national trends and opportunities in the particular discipline. The external consultants prepare a written report that is incorporated as an addendum to the report prepared by the Internal Analysis and Evaluation Committee. This two-part document is presented to the dean by the chairman of the Internal Analysis and Evaluation Committee.

E. The dean meets with the chairperson of the reviewed department to discuss the written report, which shall be regarded as confidential information. The chairperson may summarize portions of the report for departmental discussion, and the dean may discuss specifics of the report with other chairpersons or departmental faculty members as necessary. The chairperson is asked to prepare a written response with a plan to address each of the report’s recommendations.

F. The dean appoints an ad hoc committee charged with the specific purpose to make a recommendation to accept the chairperson’s response and plan as written or accept with recommended revisions.

G. The chairperson of the evaluated department presents a written plan to address the report’s recommendations to the ad hoc committee and the dean.

H. The final recommendations contained in the report guide the dean and the department chairperson in planning for the future of the department.

IV. Reference
Appendix A--- Process
Appendix B--- Steps in the Departmental Analysis and Evaluation Process
Appendix C--- Academic Plan and Resource Document
Appendix D--- Final Report

V. Rescission

VI. Review Date
Reviewed annually and revised when necessary and appropriate.

Approved: Philip O. Alderson, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine

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