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2.32 Chairperson Search

SECTION Academic Affairs NO. 2.32
SUBJECT Chairperson Search
  1. Policy
    The Administration of the School of Medicine shall provide a procedure for faculty to follow when appointed to a Search Committee for a new department chairperson.
  2. Purpose
    To establish guidelines for department chairperson searches.
  3. Procedure
    A. The following procedure outlines the search process:
    1. The Dean appoints the Search Committee, after consultation with the Faculty Affairs Committee, and designates a committee chairperson.
    2. The Dean meets with the Search Committee, provides a specific written charge and describes overall search procedure.
    3. All search activities must meet the requirements set forth in the University policy and procedure on selection and appointment of full-time faculty positions.
    4. The Search Committee Chairperson prepares advertisement for position and recommends appropriate professional journals for publication.
    5. The informational document Table of Contents is forwarded to present (or Acting) chairperson and business manager to prepare the departmental database for serious chairperson candidates on second visit. (Appendices A and B)
    6. The Committee reviews applications and prepares short list for interviews. First visits are one day in duration.
    7. The Chairperson of the Committee makes contacts with each applicant and arranges for interviews and sets interview schedule, working with the Office of the Dean.
    8. Serious chairperson candidates will, on their third visit, be scheduled to meet with members of the Dean's staff in a round table format.
    9. By the first day of each month the Search Committee Chairperson sends the Dean a written progress report.
    10. The Committee evaluates each candidate and makes recommendation(s) to the Dean, who recommends final candidates to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    11. The Vice President for Academic Affairs interviews final candidates. (The President interviews chairman candidates for Internal Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics.) Final approval for appointment is given by the Vice President for Academic Affairs after consultation with the President.
  4. Reference
    Clinical Chairperson Search Data Base
    Basic Science Chairperson Search Data Base
  5. Rescission
  6. Review Date
    Reviewed annually and revised when necessary and appropriate.




Approved: Philip O. Alderson, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine




Clinical Science Chairperson Search Data Base
Table of Contents

  1. Residency and Medical Student Programs
    # of Years
    1. Current residency staffing by division and salary source: 1
    2. Residency program match, institutional source and % slots filled: 5
    3. Medical student education: 1
      1. Required clerkship: 1
      2. Electives--length of elective and enrollment numbers
  2. Continuing Medical Education: 1
    1. Presentation in CME program series
    2. Invited presentations
    3. Grand rounds
  3. Staffing Pattern: 5
    1. Historical summary of Saint Louis University personnel
    2. Current year full-time faculty by track by division
  4. Departmental Historical Data
    1. Summary of physician activity
    2. Summary of billings, collections and payor mix
    3. Summary of expenditures by account type
    4. Divisional summary of physician activity
    5. Analysis of extramural funding by division
  5. Patient Care: 5
    1. Outpatient encounters by division
    2. Inpatient admissions by division
  6. Current Year Budgets: 1
    1. Clinical account and justification
    2. Hard dollars
    3. Other designated accounts and justifications
    4. Market value of endowments
  7. Space (square footage and category): 1
    1. Department administration, faculty, staff, research, education by division
  8. Off-Site Activities: 1
  9. Department Divisions and Division Chiefs: 1
    1. Chiefs' Curriculum Vitae




Basic Science Chairperson Search Document
Table of Contents

  1. Teaching Programs
    # Of Years
    1. Medical Students
      1. Course content (Lecture, Schedule, etc.): 1
      2. Syllabus: 1
    2. Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Trainees
      1. Current and past predoctoral and postdoctoral training record of faculty (Table 1): 10
      2. Admission and completion records of entering classes (Table 2): 5
      3. Entering profile of students (Table 3): 8
      4. Qualifications of matriculating students and applicants (Table 4): 1
      5. Research summaries and publications of current students with advisor's name: 1
      6. Chronological list of previous trainees who received Ph.D. degrees in the department (Table 5): 8
      7. Publications of past trainees: 8
      8. Current postdoctoral fellows: 1
  2. Staffing Pattern
    1. Historical Summary of Saint Louis University Personnel
      1. Full-time Faculty--Include rank, track and brief description of research interests: 5
      2. Secondary Appointments--Include rank, track, primary department and brief description of research interests: 5
      3. Staff
    2. Curriculum Vitae of Primary and Secondary Appointments
  3. Financial Data
    1. Research
      1. Direct and indirect extramural awards by each faculty member: 1
        Include source, total amount, with dates and current annual amount: 1
    2. Hard Dollar Budget
    3. Endowments: 1
  4. Space (Square Footage and Room Category): 1
    1. Department Administration, Research, and Research Support
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