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2.33 Space Allocation

SECTION Academic Affairs NO. 2.33
SUBJECT Space Allocation
  1. Policy
    The Provost has the responsibility for allocating space within the Health Sciences Center, but may formally delegate this authority to the Dean in facilities where the School of Medicine has substantial occupancy. Acting in this capacity, the Dean of the School of Medicine shall make all space assignments in buildings where substantial School of Medicine clinical, research, and teaching activities are conducted, and where authorized by the Provost.
  2. Purpose
    To maximize space usage in all School of Medicine departments, a space evaluation procedure is hereby established.
  3. Procedure
    1. A list of all space assigned to School of Medicine academic departments will be maintained in the School's Space Inventory, a database maintained in the Office of Planning and Operations.
    2. Each department will be given the opportunity to review and verify their department's space annually.
    3. Requests for additional space must be sent in writing to the Dean. Diminished clinical, research, or teaching activity in a given area may justify the reassignment of that space from one division to another or from one department to another.
    4. The Research Planning Committee's policy for evaluating research space productivity will be adhered to.
    5. This policy includes space in the following facilities:
      1. Anheuser Busch Institute leased space
      2. Desloge Towers leased space
      3. Doctors' Office Building
      4. Doisy Hall
      5. Doisy Research Center
      6. O'Donnell Hall
      7. Medical School--Schwitalla Hall
  4. Reference
  5. Rescission
  6. Review Date
    Reviewed annually and revised when necessary and appropriate.


Approved: Philip O. Alderson, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine

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