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3.211 Local Meals

SECTION Financial and Fiscal Procedures NO. 3.211
SUBJECT Local Meal Expenses
  1. Policy
    The University shall reimburse its faculty and staff for meal expenses incurred while conducting authorized business for the University within the metropolitan area of St. Louis. (The metropolitan area of St. Louis is defined by the University as the area within 50 miles of the Arch.)
  2. Purpose
    To provide guidelines for local meal expenses.
  3. Procedure
    1. Meal expenses for business related purposes shall not exceed a maximum of $75.00 per person for dinner, $20.00 per person for luncheon and $15.00 per person for breakfast, including tax and tip. All such expenses must be properly documented with a receipt.
    2. Expenses exceeding these limits shall become the personal responsibility of the requestor. External grant monies or drug study funds may be used for such expenses, when available, provided this expenditure does not conflict with the terms of the funding agency or company. However, the above limits shall be observed regardless of funding source.
    3. No reimbursement will be provided for meals which involve only University employees. Exceptions will be available for special events such as awards functions, mission-related activities and so forth upon submittal of written justification at least ten working days in advance of the function.
    4. The number of persons involved in business dinners should be limited to four persons or less, including the guest (recruitee or speaker).
    5. On-campus social functions (e.g., receptions, open houses) require approval in advance by the Dean. The Social Function form is to be completed and submitted to the Medical Center Finance Office.
    6. Committees which meet at meal times for which food service is desired must receive approval if the costs per person exceed $15.00. This request is to be submitted to the Medical Center Finance Office.
  4. Reference
    Memorandum from Dean, School of Medicine, dated January 2, 1995. Memorandum from Saint Louis University dated October 23, 1995. Saint Louis University Policy No. 2.2.11
  5. Rescission
  6. Review Date
    Reviewed annually and revised when necessary and appropriate.


Approved: Philip O. Alderson, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine

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