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Welcome to the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Saint Louis University! Feel free to explore our website. Our department's vision is to be the premier institution in Saint Louis that contributes to the intellectual foundations of family medicine and medical family therapy, integrate the School of Medicine within its community, educate outstanding family physicians and family therapists, and provide superior and cost-effective patient care.

Our Mission is to:

  • Educate current health professions students and future physicians, family physicians, and family therapists,
  • Provide the highest quality primary care, preventive care, and mental health care to our community,
  • Improve the health of our communities through population-based and evidence-based care,
  • Deliver cost-effective care by promoting primary care and adherence to best practices, and
  • Advance the fields of family medicine and medical family therapy through population-based, primary care and integrated mental health research.

The department has six divisions:

  1. Family Medicine (our clinical practice)
  2. Medical Student Education
  3. Family Medicine Residency - Graduate Medical Education
  4. Behavioral Medicine - Medical Family Therapy
  5. Community Medicine
  6. Research

Christine K. Jacobs, MD

Please explore our website. My email address is I'd love to hear from you.

Christine K. Jacobs, MD
Professor and Interim  Chairman

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Family and Community Medicine

Physical: O'Donnell Hall, 2nd Floor
               1320 South Grand Blvd.

Mailing:  1402 South Grand Blvd.

               St. Louis, MO 63104

Phone: 314-977-8480

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